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Edith Sitwell April 7, 2018

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I am currently reading Victoria Gladenning’s biography of Edith Sitwell.  It is quite fascinating.  I feel compelled to share some portraits with readers of this blog.  All of these images are available on google.

Edith Sitwell 1923-35 by Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957  portrait by Wyndham Lewis


christopher-richard-wynne-nevinson-portrait-of-edith-sitwell  by Christopher Nevinson

roger-fry-portrait-of-edith-sitwell  by Roger Fry

Dame Edith Sitwell 1916 by Alvaro Guevara 1894-1951  by Alvaro Guevara


One Response to “Edith Sitwell”

  1. mlegan Says:

    She seems like a fascinating person, although I don’t know much about her, just images of her head and those hats!

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