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Rogue tulips April 10, 2018

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A blog post from more than 10 years ago when we were still living in Dublin.

Janet's thread

Who would snitch a garden ornament?  Well, that’s what happened from just outside our kitchen door.  Our front and kitchen doors open out on to our driveway and 3 of the decorative wooden tulips are missing from one of the flower pots .  Sad – these tulips are actually very skiillfully turned by my woodturner friend John at Kilternan Country Market.  And my husband applied gloss paint to make them even more attractive.  They normally reside in a pot on our fireplace but a few weeks ago I decided to put this particular pot outside.  Alas, someone fancied the tulips.  All remaining tulips are now in the back garden or in the courtyard.

rogue-tulips.jpg  Four tulips that the “thief” didn’t get.  

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