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The Appeal of John Singer Sargent April 21, 2018

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A Scholarly Skater

I am so happy with the amazing response I’ve gotten to my post about The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit. So many people have commented here, on Facebook, and in my regular life. Since you guys seem to enjoy John Singer Sargent as much as I do, let’s talk about him a little more.

Nonchalior by John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent, Nonchalior (Repose), 1911. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Photo via the-athenaeum.org (Public Domain)

While reading Erica Hirshler’s book about the Boit painting, I was surprised to learn that not everyone loves Sargent’s work. I know that no artist is universally loved, but Sargent seems to invite particularly contradictory opinions. In his own day, people sometimes criticized him for being too experimental. They felt that his works were too sketchy or unfinished, and his compositional choices could be too far outside the norm. Some critics felt that Sargent could be too inventive for his own good. Sargent spent his career trying to balance being bold and inventive enough to garner attention with being…

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Publication Day In 2nd Grade

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IMG_1392  Parents and students reading the reports

IMG_1393   That’s my grandson Sean on the left with the skeleton(?) T-shirt

IMG_1395  Readers were encouraged to write comments    (The teacher is a Seahawks fan wearing his Number 12 jersey)

IMG_1398  Sean’s mum (Susan) reading one of the reports

I love these parent/grandparent participation events.  Such a privilege.  And they spark wonderful memories of the years when our sons were that age – and when I was that age!


Cats, Cats, Even Jigsaw Puzzles

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IMG_1401  750 piece jigsaw – completed


Un oiseau en main

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I don’t know whether I feel less alone, or more appalled, to learn that other cats ruin things, too. 

The occasion was Cat Granny’s 90th birthday party, held at Cat Auntie and Cat Uncle’s beautiful house in Somerset, and the culprit was this attractive, slightly boss-eyed chap.


I spotted him in the garden, called him over for a cuddle and he happily obliged, shouting himself silly throughout. When the rest of the party guests joined us outside, he pitter-pattered off to explore other parts of the huge, sprawling garden. 

Moments later there was a huge commotion and we saw the little sod leaping and pouncing at a flock of angry, shrieking blackbirds. Cat Auntie went to investigate, then announced that he had managed to catch one of the birds and asked for a volunteer to do the honourable deed. I think that, at this point, I might have…

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