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Becoming A U.S. Citizen April 23, 2018

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Last Tuesday, on April 7th,  my daughter-in-law Susan became a U.S. citizen.  It was a very impressive ceremony.  Susan was one of 94 applicants from 36 countries.  There was a large audience to witness this event at the Dept. of Homeland Security in Tukwila.  A joyful proud day for all.

IMG_1137  Here is a picture of Susan taken on Easter Sunday, April 1st.  She is wearing a green Aran sweater, a very Irish symbol.  All the others in the photo – her husband, 4 children, and me – are American citizens by birth.  We welcomed Susan to our midst.  It’s only taken her 18 years to decide she would like to join this privileged group.  Welcome Susan!



Searching For Ancestors

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Ancestry.com has introduced a new feature whereby they find all your ancestors.  All I have to do is click a few highlighted boxes and presto, each generation unfolds.  So instead of tediously jotting down names and dates and fathers and mothers etc., I can now hit keys on my keyboard in the right sequence and a new ancestor appears.  This is a beta version of a new program.  I’m not sure I like it or that it’s good for me.  It certainly saves paper and notebooks but it is so impersonal and mechanical.  By handwriting names and dates etc. I felt I was getting to know each ancestor a little bit, and I had to do a bit of thinking and digging to connect the dots.

My ancestor count has soared as a result of this new program.  I was close to 8000 ancestors on my tree – now in just a few days of using the new program the count has soared to close to 9000.  And I have to follow up on new names that have appeared in my sublist of immigrant ancestors.  And the additional coats of arms – well I’m overwhelmed.

On the plus side, this feature – beta search for a glowing green symbol and tap the key – should in theory give me more time to search for the information I’m really interested in.  The names and dates of birth and death are just the start.  I want to know where when and how they lived, etc.


9 Years Old – A Birthday Party To Remember

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IMG_1414  lining up to form teams – I think this was Team Indecisive -i.e. they couldn’t decide on a name

IMG_1422  lined up ready for the first question in the X-Box Quiz, or was it Minecraft?  I wouldn’t have been an asset to any of the teams!

IMG_1423  looks like someone has broken ranks and is headed for the food – that’s the host kneeling on the table – hmm a bit of chaos developing

IMG_1406  Fizz the Cat knew all the answers

IMG_1424  hmm, are they paying attention to the quizmaster?

And so it went on but I left.  Too chaotic for Grandma.  But I checked this morning and there were no injuries etc and a good time was had by all.  Happy Times.