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Genealogy Is All Consuming June 3, 2018

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Just one more record……..and so it goes on.  I have been going through my records and checking whether  I can find any more ancestors.  Just when I think I’m almost finished another possibility crops up.

Katerina hopes I’ll finish soon as she wants “her” chair.



They Came from Faraway Places

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Family Tales from Gail

img015 (4) Old German Homestead

All my ancestors came to United States in the 1800’s from faraway places.  They came from Germany, France, Belgium, Scotland, England, and Canada.  The first ones to come to the United States came in 1834 from Scotland, but didn’t stay in the US.  They went to Canada and most stayed there except for my Great-Great Grandmother (born in Canada), came to US in 1865.  Her husband came to the US in 1851 from England.  Both the ancestors from Scotland and England came on sailing ships which meant the average trip took 43 days.  There was usually a lack of food, sea sickness, lack of privacy, and the spreading of illnesses.  Once here they had to travel to their final destinations.

In the case of the Scottish Ancestors, they made their way to Nassagaweya, Halton, Ontario.  They arrived in New York on August 12, 1834 so I assume…

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