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Historic Houses August 15, 2017

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b67d470b-7367-4fb1-ada7-a99d0cf63566  Heron Hall, Essex England     associated with my 17th Great Grandfather Sir William Tyrrell Sheriff of Suffolk and Norfolk  1408-1461cc5a7d70-985f-45da-9ba2-3bfa55aaa4e1  Southwick Hall (Knyvett’s Place) Northamptonshire England  associated with my 16th Great Grandmother Lady Eleanor Tyrrell 1465-1514


Katerina Has A New Tactic August 14, 2017

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IMG_4085 How do I get anything done??  I love my cat!


1517 Power August 12, 2017

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A cycling odyssey

veni vidi bici

Along with wind, solar, and ethanol, Minnesota is powered by Lutherans. More members of this Protestant denomination live here than in any other state. It seems to this life-long Lutheran that each town, no matter how tiny, has a Lutheran church. And I have managed to surround myself with Lutherans for the past three days.

Solar power Minnesota
This October marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther published his 95 Theses and made public his well-reasoned grievances against the Catholic Church. The ultimate outcomes of the Reformation were improved literacy rates, economic growth, the Westphalian state system, and the general development of strong work ethic. Here in Minnesota, those Lutheran qualities are ubiquitously present. Civic pride oozes at each street corner, and famously-reserved Lutherans show greatness through hard work and endless energy.

Iconic power Owatonna
In New Ulm, I stayed with Stan and Ruth…

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Another Castle August 11, 2017

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29671a77-626a-4152-b767-efd953cfdb58  Thurland Castle Lancashire England     associated with my 16th Great Grandmother Lady Elizabeth Tunstall  1410-1476





Photo From Long Ago

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2017_08_11_10_43_37.pdf000  That’s a dad helping his son – before we had Lego.  The son is now in his 40’s and the dad in his 80’s.  The photo was taken in 1975 in the living room of our house in Dublin Ireland.

(I’m scanning my photo collection so keep reading this blog to see more memories.)


Cat Photo

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2017_08_11_10_00_06.pdf035I don’t know this cat.  The photo is from the 1980’s and that cat is sitting on the fence in the back garden of our house in Dublin Ireland.  Was that cat a friend of our cat?


Prowse Coat Of Arms August 9, 2017

COA Prowse  Coat of Arms      Agnes Prowse, my 10th Great Grandmother.  1575-1622