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Tracing My Irish Ancestors December 3, 2016


Kilkenny Castle

This is quite intriguing.  I found this picture of Kilkenny Castle in relation to my 14th and 15th Great Grandparents.  More to be discovered but in the meantime I feel quite justified in flying the Irish flag – and wearing green.

img_1871 from our deck in Seattle

 in Dublin 10 years ago, modeling my green knitting in the back garden


Snippets From My Genealogy March 23, 2016

Sir Robert Sheriff of Shropshire Corbett Knight – my 13th Great Grandfather.  I particularly like the Sheriff of Shropshire part of his title.   That conjures up visions of Robin Hood.  And Shropshire makes me think of the author Edith Pargeter.  And Brother Cadfael and Derek Jacobi.

tomb of Robert and Elizabeth Vernon  tomb of Sir Robert and Lady Elizabeth