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Gravestone Information August 16, 2016

elizabeth seaver  grave marker for my 7th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Seaver in Eliot Burying Ground Roxbury Massachusetts

eliz seaver  I wish some dedicated soul would restore this marker so that we could read the original inscription

Elizabeth Seaver died in December 1731.  She was 88 years old.


Ever Expanding Family Tree June 8, 2016

I now have identified by name at least almost 3000 ancestors.  That’s a lot to handle!  As regular readers of this blog know, I’m trying to concentrate specifically on those ancestors who emigrated to America – and there are a lot of them!  They came in the 1600’s.  They came to New England.  They were my 7x or 8x Great Grandparents.

Here is a rough list of them:

Alexander Alford, 1627-1687, England to Northampton arriving in 1659, my 8X Great Grandfather

Mary Vore, 1617-1687, England to Northampton with her parents, arriving in 1630, my 8X Great Grandmother

Eulalia March, 1609-1690, England to Springfield, year of arrival unknown, my 9X Great Grandmother

Sir David Burt, 1629-1690, England to Northampton, arrived in 1664, my 8X Great Grandfather

Deacon William Holton, 1610-1691, England to America, Northampton, arrived 1634 age23, my 9X Great Grandfather

Henry Burt Jr, 1595-1662, England to Springfield Massachusetts, arrived my 9X Great Grandfather

James Miller 1610-1685, Scotland to Boston, arrived 1635 my

James Miller’s son, 16 , Scotland to Boston, arrived 1635 my

Sen Miller, , Scotland to Boston, arrived 1660

Capt. William French, 1605-1681, Halstead Essex England to Boston on the ship “Defense”, with his wife Elizabeth Stebbins and 4 children Frances age 10, Elizabeth 6,

Mary 2 1/2, and John 5 months, arrived 1635 my 7th Great Grandfather

Elizabeth Stebbins, 1605-1666, Essex England, arrived Boston 1635

Thomas Buckingham, 1620-1657, Kings Walden Hertfordshire England to Boston, arrived Boston

Thomas Lathrop Sr, 1612-1707. East well Kent England to Boston, arrived 18 Sept 1634

William Learned and Goodith Gilman, arrived Charlestown 1630 with their 5 children

Sarah Tolman, 1612, England to Suffolk County,

Thomas Tolman, 1608, England to Dorchester,

Henry Collins and his wife Ann, their 3 older children Henry Jr 5, John 3, and Margery 1, also servants Joshua Griffin 25, Hugh Alley 27, Mary Roote 15, Joseph Cooke 27, and George Burdin 24, aboard the Abigail, arriving Boston 8 October 1635 Henry and Ann were my 8X Great Grandparents

Anne Green, England to Lynn Massachusetts, died in 1624

Sir John Ball, wife Joanna King, Capt. William Ball III, wife Alice Waltham, John Ball – from Wiltshire to Concord Massachusetts

Deacon Ralph Mousall II

Alice Thompson

John Mousall

Rose Stewart Woodward

John Ufford

John Smith

Mary White

Ann Brigham

Jane Sothern

Rachael Wheatley

Alice Blower

Thomas Blower

Edward Clapp

Isabel Prescott Rigby

Mary Anne Anitye Fiske

Elizabeth Fiske

George Kendrick

Ruth Bowen

Lt Peter Hunt

Elizabeth Smith

Judith Cooper

Henry Smith

Abigail Andrews

Simon Crosby Sr
Ann Born
Richard Bullock
Richard Brackett and Alice Blower
Rachel Wheatley
Thomas Wells and Abigail Warner
Walter Roper
William Warner and Abigail Baker – to Ipswich
John Bright – to Watertown and Dedham Mass
Humphrey Rayner and family to Rowley Mass 1649
Bosworth family to Hingham arrived 1634
Hannah Dwight to Dedham Mass
John Osgood
Sarah Booth
Edward Gilman and wife Mary Clarke and infant son Moses
John Gedney – Norwich to Salem
Andrew Mansfield
Richard Thurlow
Mary Sadler Kinsman and Robert Kinsman
Thomas Boreman and Margaret Offing Boreman
Walter Roper and wife Elizabeth
Dorcas Ivory
Capt Robert Andrews and wife Elizabeth Franklin
William Pillsbury to Salisbury, Dorchester
Lionel Worth?
Susannah Whipple Worth?
Thomas Kimball 1 year old arrived 1634
Roger Preston Jr arr 1635
Francis Nurse – Yarmouth to Danvers
Thomas Baker – Ashford Kent to Milford Conn arr 1639
Alice Dayton – Ashford Kent to New Haven arr 1639
Ralph Dayton and Mary Goldhatch Tritton Ashford Kent to Long Island City
Cornelia Mely Schellinger and family 1641
Phillip Leek
Joanna Ackley
Joseph Fowler from Wiltshire arr with his family in 1634 on the Mary and John
Sir Richard Kimball and wife Ursula Scott
Edith Larkin and Henry Herrick
Hugh Laskin and Alice Stebbins
Henry Rust
Hannah Hobart
Margaret Dewey
William Wardwell
Alice Pyce
Edward Woodman
John Stevens III
Ralph Shephard
Thomas Lord – Towchester to Hartford
Thanks Ye Lord Perkins to Hartford
John Prescott and wife and 4 children – child born in Barbados on the way
Daniel Warner – Harwich to Ipswich
Stephen Greenleaf age 6 to Newbury with parents Edward and Sarah
Capt William Gerrish Jr arr 1639
Elizabeth Coffin
Edward Larkin
Joanna Butler
Abigail Baker Warner and William Warner – Boxted to Ipswich
ElizabethDenne – Boxted to Ipswich
John Denne – South Chard to Taunton arr New England 1635 with his wife Alice Strong
Dr John Dane to Ipswich
Eleanor Clark to Ipswich
Robert Adams and wife Eleanor Wilmot and 2 children to Newbury in 1635
John Hutchins
John Hazeltine
Peter Cooper to Haverhill
James Cooper
Rose Haggyse
John Minot
George Minot in 1633 to Massachusetts Bay Dorchester
John Haywood
Judith Phippen
William Symonds
James Kidder Sr
Francis Moore and Catherine and 9 year old Anna Moor in 1639
William Knowlton Jr to Ipswich
Elizabeth Welch
Elizabeth Smith
Sea Captain John Holland
James Horn
Mary Martha Jones
John Howe
Stephen Gates Jr
Richard Park and wife and 2 year old Thomas came in 1630
Abraham Belknap and other family members to Lynn in 1637
George Willis to Medford
Rev Thomas Bailey to Watertown
Isaac Morrill to Roxbury
Elizabeth Symonds
Deacon Stephen Hart to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633

Edmund Greenleaf  to Boston

Tristram Coffin to Newburyport

Hugh Mason and wife Hester Wells came from Ipswich England in 1634 and settled in Watertown

Richard Wheeler

Thomas Wilder

John Rugg Sr to Lancaster Worcester

James Bates Sr and Jr

Alice Glover

Co. Lewis McDonald from Scotland

Bostwick Family members

Peter Murdock from Scotland to Limerick to Connecticut

Nicholas Phillips arrived 1639

Thomas Hosmer and Frances Bushnell

Nicholas Danforth and Elizabeth Symes

Edward Griswold and Margaret Hicks

Francis Griswold and Sarah

William Trowbridge Exeter to New Haven

Osmund Trask and Elizabeth Gally

Reverend John Maverick and wife Mary Gye England to Dorchester in 1630

John Gass Middlesex England to Kentucky

Margaret Richardson  Ulster to Virginia  after 1708

Henry Carsley  England to Accomaneck Virginia

Thomas Fairchild  Cambridgeshire to Stratford Connecticut

Emma Seabrook  England to Stratford Connecticut

Mary Wheeler   Bedfordshire to Stratford Connecticut

Moses Wheeler  Kent to Guilford Connecticut

Miriam Hawley Wheeler  England to Stratford Connecticut

Sarah Platt  Hertfordshire to Milford Connecticut





My Ancestors Came To America March 3, 2016

Many of my ancestors came to America in the 1600’s.   They were English and part of the early wave of immigrants.  Who were they?  Why did they come?  Let’s look at the records for a few of them.

Continental ship Columbus with captured British brig Lord Lifford, 1776


Thomas Davenport And Mary Forth March 2, 2016

Andrea Doria  Thomas Davenport with his wife Mary Forth arrived in Boston in 1640.  They were my 7X Great Grandparents.



A Family Comes To North America February 29, 2016

Yes, it was in the 1600’s.  An English family was just one of many to gather their belongings and board a ship bound for North America.  My ancestors.  It gives me a thrill to find named ancestors – my ancestors – part of this wave of people from the British Isles.  Hopes and dreams, in pursuit of religious freedom?  Why did each person come?  Can I put myself in their shoes knowing that I am a direct descendent?

Richard Woodward and Rose Stewart on board the Elizabeth of Ipswich

John Ufford, just a boy coming to the New World

Sir James Miller and Lady Janet Melvin

Judge Samuel Hawley

Captain William French and Mary White

William Jones and Hannah Eaton

Richard Booth

Alce Mousall

Immigrant Ancestor Ship 3-1


James Miller Sr And His Wife Came To America February 28, 2016

immigrant ship  James Miller Sr and his wife Lady Janet Melvin came to Virginia in 1637.

They were my 7X Great Grandparents.


George Willis and Jane Palfrey 7X Great Grandparents August 2, 2015

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Early settlers in New England