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A Lady In Virginia April 19, 2017

Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell

Lewis Fairfield Burwell  Lewis Fairfield Burwell

Early settlers in the area that later became Williamsburg Virginia

These are my 8X Great Grandparents


My Ancestor Myles Standish March 1, 2017

mum38qar_medium  Yes this is Myles Standish of Mayflower fame.  He is my  8th  Great Grandfather.


Captain Myles Standish was an English military officer hired by the Pilgrims as military advisor for Plymouth Colony.  He was one of the passengers on the Mayflower.

Myles Standish was not a Pilgrim but it was in his capacity as a military man that he was in the Low Countries to help the Dutch in their war against Spain.  And it was in Leyden in Holland that he got to know the Pilgrims there.  It was through his acquaintance with the Pilgrim Pastor John Robinson that he came to be hired as their military captain to command and train their militia.  Thus Myles and his first wife Rose were among the passengers, the original settlers,  on the Mayflower.

After the Mayflower made landfall on the tip of Cape Cod in late October 1620, he led most of the exploratory missions looking for a place to settle.  Many of the settlers who arrived in the Mayflower were weakened and ill after their voyage across the Atlantic.  Sadly, Myles wife Rose was among those who did not survive those early months.  She died in late January 1621.

Myles remarried in 1623.  His 2nd wife, Barbara, arrived on the ship “Anne” in July 1623.  Myles and Barbara had 6 children, 4of whom survived infancy.  The most important of whom from my standpoint was their surviving son Josiah, who became my 7th Great Grandfather.



Snippets From My Genealogy November 14, 2016

annemessex-river-somerset-county-maryland  Annemessex River Maryland – area where Ambrose Dixon, my 8th Great Grandfather lived.  He came to Virginia and Maryland in approximately 1651.  He was a Quaker and was escaping religious persecution in England.


In The Mercantile Trade October 20, 2016

matthew-beckwith    A description of my 8th Great Grandfather Matthew Beckwith, a man of means.  The term planter meant


At Rest May 25, 2016

Final resting place of Thomas Knowlton, my 8X Great Grandfather.  Thomas died in 1774 in Shrewsbury Massachusetts.

Thomas Knowlton Resting Place

I find this a lovely photo.  It does look peaceful


John Powers, My 8X Great Grandfather May 20, 2016

Stantn st quintin Wiltshire


Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire, England        John Powers, my 8X Great Grandfather, is buried here.      His dates are 1583-1642.







Richard Sperry 8x Great Grandfather January 29, 2016


richard sperry burial


Another Immigrant Ancestor October 3, 2015

a70042f8-c4bb-47f0-b1ef-7736803bceaa-1  John Tripp, born in 1575 in Lincolnshire England, Arrived in Rhode Island in 1638, died in 1678 in Newport Rhode Island