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Day 6 of the Boating Adventure November 10, 2016

The report I had last night from the BAILEYBOB was that it was getting windy and rain was moving in.  A small craft warning had been issued.   They had had a busy Day 5 traveling approximately 150 miles from Norfolk Virginia to Oriental North Carolina – ready for a rest.  They are now traveling the Intercostal Waterway  which started in Norfolk.    Draw a straight line south to Florida.

This journey makes me think of my grandfather Friend who in my memory travelled by car each October or November from Boston to Orlando or Clearwater Florida.  He stopped each night for a rest and stopped for a few days in Pinehurst North Carolina to play golf.  This was from about 1940 to 1956.



Just in from the BAILEYBOB     beaufort-north-carolina  Beaufort North Carolina      only 22 miles today     a late start and engine trouble


Women’s History March 10, 2016

In special recognition of significant women in history, I want to nominate Gertrude Bell, explorer extraordinaire among many other achievements.    I have read a number of her books and am now reading a biography of her – Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations by Georgina Howell.

BellK_218_Gertrude_Bell_in_Iraq_in_1909_age_41  Gertrude Bell, age 41  (image from Wikipedia)


A film about Gertrude Bell was released in 2015.  Titled Queen of the Desert and starring Nicole Kidman.  I look forward to viewing it.       QOTD_poster

p.s. Gertrude was friendly with Lawrence of Arabia. Almost 50 years ago I saw the film about T. E. Lawrence at the White Rhino Hotel in Nyeri Kenya.  My boy friend (not yet my husband) and I drove up to Nyeri from Nairobi (a 2 1/2 hour drive) to see the film.  A spontaneous trip after I had played in a mixed doubles tennis match with someone else.  What a lark.  The film was LONG.  The seats uncomfortable.  Peter O’Toole was memorable as Ross.  The drive back to Nairobi late in the evening was even longer.  The things one did when one was young and fancy free.





UNV Programme February 25, 2016

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Roaming the internet, i.e. reading Facebook messages, I saw a post from the United Nations Volunteer Programme in Bangladesh.  Memories were triggered.  I was a UNV once upon a time in Bhutan!  A speech writer for His Majesty the King.

lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized  I can’t find a Bhutan photo but this is me back in time wearing a very warm Icelandic type hand knit sweater – essential in winter in Bhutan


Tracing Another Immigrant February 4, 2016

immigrant ship  My 10th great-grandfather Sir John Drake was born in England in 1585.  At age 45 he sailed for America on the “Mary and John” and landed at Nantasket just north of Boston.  He became a Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Later he settled in the area just north of Hartford.  He died in 1659 and is buried in Palisado Cemetery In Windsor Connecticut.




Following The Pilgrims January 31, 2016

pilgrims image                  pilgrims_film_landing-date  What a marvelous program we saw last night.  One of the best.  It was a PBS DVD from the American Experience series.  Most of the broad outline was familiar but this film portrayed it so well that it is now more firmly fixed in my mind (I hope!)  And I learned a lot as well.  Furthermore it tied in well with my genealogy research.

?Did you know that one of the men on the Mayflower was swept overboard but miraculously was rescued and went on to survive the first harsh winter etc and father 10 children.  He had 88 grandchildren, more than 500 great grandchildren and his subsequent descendants number in the tens of thousands – including Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, and both Bush Presidents.  I wonder if I can find myself among the millions of descendants living today.  The search goes on.


Researching My Sperry Ancestors January 29, 2016

Sperry Light House New Haven Ct Sperry Light, New Haven Ct

A few years ago I posted a blog about Armstrong Sperry, an author whose books inspired me many years ago.  Armstrong Sperry the author was born in New Haven Ct in 1897.  Now I find that a number of my ancestors were named Sperry and lived in New Haven.  Am I distantly related to one of my favorite authors?  Research to be continued.


Norwegian Blessings June 5, 2015


I think a reproduction of this painting was on the wall of the galley in the Northwestern fishing vessel.  Recently I attended a charity function to benefit the Nordic Heritage Museum.  The function was held at the Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and featured a seafood barbecue and a tour of the Northwestern, the vessel seen in the television series The Deadliest Catch.


absolute end of may 020  Northwestern                absolute end of may 010  bar area at the barbecue


absolute end of may 013   fun figures around the bar         absolute end of may 009  Matt McCallum of the Nordic Heritage Museum, serving at the bar


absolute end of may 015  Pacific Fisherman Shipyard


The Whaling Ship Captain

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Somewhere in my past there was a whaling ship captain by name of James Willis who sailed out of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  His life spanned the years 1825 to 1909.  Where does he come in my genealogy?  very remotely I fear.

  James Monroe Willis’s grave marker

I am struggling with the genealogical records.  Ancestry.com is my starting point but I am getting lost in a maze of half siblings, the same name used for multiple generations, and several marriages, not to mention a change of name.  Any suggestions?