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Long Distance Travel April 9, 2010

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  In case you are wondering what I have been doing lately, here’s the answer.  A few days ago I flew from Seattle to Chicago to Dublin.  I had been planning to return to Dublin soon but not quite so soon.  Sadly I received the news that a very close friend had passed away early Easter Sunday morning.  It meant a lot to me be with the family and friends to attend the funeral.  At such short notice I got the last seat on the flight from Seattle to Chicago and then was on the connecting Aer Lingus flight to Dublin.  In Seattle Airport I purchased this book of New York Times stress-free crosswords – easy, relaxing puzzles, edited by Will Shortz.  I am ordinarily not much of a crossword puzzle doer but this book was just the thing for my trip.  And I worked on these puzzles almost all the way home.  The time flew by, like me as I flew over all those states and Canada and the Atlantic Ocean from Seattle to Ireland.

  When I travel I usually immerse myself in a book but this time I only read a little bit.  I started Sigrid Unsets’s famous trilogy Kristin Lavranstatter, for which she won the Nobel Prize in 1928.  And very good it is.  It’s pretty serious reading so maybe that’s why I found it easier to try to do the crossword puzzles.

I love the cover of the crossword puzzle book – the bicycle is very like the one I purchased just a few days ago.  Alas, I left the bicycle behind in Seattle.

  Here I am with my new bike – a joy to ride

On the Chicago to Dublin flight we had individal screens – that’s the way to view a film on a plane.  So I did watch Nine and found it enjoyable enough.

And finally, a bit of crochet.  This is the state of one of the projects I left behind in Seattle.

  crochet blanket, work in progress

  And I found this notice in the Irish Times today – the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project installation at the Science Gallery on Pearse Street behind Trinity.  On view until June 11 so I have plenty of time to go and see it.