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Shades Of Grey April 23, 2017

shades of grey   In the course of my genealogy research I came across this image.  A sign indicating some of my ancestors emigrated from the Netherlands to New York.  Apart from that information I thought the image was very artistic.


Ancestor Count In Review April 22, 2017

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In my genealogy research I’m trying to focus on specific areas but inevitably it seems to lead to the addition of more and more ancestors to the tree.  At the latest count there are 5,450 ancestors weighing down the branches.

IMG_2909  my big chart – 9 generations   This chart portrays just the roots.  The mind boggles!


A Lady In Virginia April 19, 2017

Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell Lady Lucy Higginson Burwell

Lewis Fairfield Burwell  Lewis Fairfield Burwell

Early settlers in the area that later became Williamsburg Virginia

These are my 8X Great Grandparents


Misleading Record April 17, 2017

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I have spent hours puzzling over a record in the 1880 U.S. Census.  1880 is the year my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Murdock went from her home in Crown Point New York to Newark Ohio.  Why did she go?  I’ve been asking this question for a long time.  Yesterday I asked my 90 year old sister again if she knew – no.  Ditto with my 91 year old sister.

The 1880 Census record for Charles Dana Miller shows a household of 4 – himself age 42, a daughter Lucy age 14, a son Charles D age 13, and a sister/son Elvz Miller age 42 whose occupation is Keeping House.  Obviously this record has inconsistencies.  Charles the head of the household did not have a sister of this age nor a son 2 years younger than himself nor a sister-in-law who would fit this description.  Being a widower with 2 children he would need a housekeeper.  Housekeepers were usually female.  But was this  person in fact my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Murdock newly arrived from Crown Point?  That had always been the family story.  Was this a case of careless Census recording??


Mary Elizabeth Murdock April 10, 2017

bennett-mr               IMG_0013   My paternal grandfather Major Charles Dana Miller – this is the man my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Murdock married in 1882.  He fought in the Civil War – Mary Elizabeth Murdock was born in 1863.  So the man who was to be my grandfather was a soldier fighting in the Civil War when my grandmother was born.

Mary married a man many years her senior.  How did this come about?  Family rumor has it that she went West in 1880 from Crown Point New York to Mt. Vernon Ohio to look after Charles’s young children after their mother died.

IMG_0014  Mary Elizabeth Murdock, 1882 (?)

Charles was born in 1836.  So he was 27 years older than Mary.  He was a widower with 2 children.  They married in Chicago in November 1882.

Questions – how did this sequence of events happen?

Well, Mary went West shortly after her own mother died and also her younger sister.  A time of sorrow and upset.  Mary had recently graduated from Albany Normal School (State Teachers College) – so she was a qualified teacher.

But my research in ancestry.com reveals that when Charles’ wife died the children were young teens, age 14 and 13, not infants needing a carer.  So if she went West to be a carer she would have been more of a housekeeper than a nanny, and possibly a tutor for the children.

And furthermore, there were Murdocks who had previously migrated from Crown Point New York to Mt Vernon Ohio.


Ancestor Tree Keeps Growing March 30, 2017

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John Prater  15th century ancestor, John Prater, my 12th Great Grandfather

Prather Nunney Castle

Prater Castle, Wiltshire


Another Old Church March 9, 2017

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St Faith's church Kelshall  Saint Faith’s Church, Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England

Familiar to my 11x Great Grandparents Michael Wilmots and Agnes Markaunt