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A Slight Detour December 5, 2010

I’ve been blogging about the genealogy and trying to get that sorted out but today I’m going to take a slight detour and maybe eventually even talk a bit about knitting.

Yesterday I went to an antique store (which incidentally is near the cat shelter we went to last week). On the way I saw a number of very happy looking cats sunning themselves and surveying the passing scene. Did they ever look content. I warned them about the dangers of busy roads and hungry racoons but they assured me that they were pretty savvy and were well able to look after themselves.

At the antique store I had my eye on a red chair which I thought would be a fun addition to our house. However, I was put off by the “vintage” signs which seemed to be everywhere. Well, I thought, all I had to do was find an old chair in a garage sale, paint it a bright colour, and then label it vintage. Should I do that or just buy the one that was already there. I decided to wait. But what I did find were some vintage postcards from the British Isles. There was something about this one of Victoria Avenue, Whitehead. That somehow struck a chord. It certainly looked like Northern Ireland but I couldn’t make out the postmark. The other cards in the group were dated around 1906 and the stamp is Edward VII so that was fine. Now Ian tells me that the postmark is Green Island and the card is written to an address in Scotland (Gorian? – hard to make out) And, click, Whitehead, north of Belfast and well-known to one set of outlaws and also to a new friend whom we met in Bangor Northern Ireland when we were going up there last year to visit Ian’s brother.

My other purchase in the antique shop was a crochet hook made from bone. Not that I needed a crochet hook but I just liked the idea of it – and the feel of it. I use a crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches so now I can use my “antique”, as opposed to vintage, crochet hook.

Now that leads me to talk of knitting, on which I have been steadily working. I have 2 projects nearing completion. Both sleeveless sweaters at this point. I’m not sure whether to add sleeves to the black one. I have taken pictures but they don’t seem to be appearing in my pictures library. It’s so annoying when there is a sort of dysfunction between the camera and the pictures library and wordpress. I’ll show you the knitting in due course.