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Regrets July 12, 2016

I haven’t played my recorders for a couple of years or so.  I was just busy with other activities and the time and place where the monthly recorder meetings were held were no longer convenient.  But recently I tried playing the recorder again and found that arthritis in my hands made it difficult to play.  Alas.  Up until now the things associated with aging haven’t really bothered me.  But now, trying to play the recorder is painful and it is bothering me to find that I just can’t spread my fingers with enough agility to make playing the recorder possible.  I really wanted to attend and play in an up coming one day jazz workshop.miscellaneous-ian-009  In younger days with the bass recorder.  7 or 8 years ago?  in my early 70’s

I have a friend of similar vintage whose mother had very bad arthritis in her hands.  My friend is taking piano lessons to hopefully ward off similar problems.

Come to think of it, my own mother also had bad arthritis in her hands in later years.   She was an avid knitter, as am I.  When she moved to Hawaii, knitting was no longer so important in her life.  So I don’t know if she could have continued to knit if she had wanted to.  Knitting is still important to but I could substitute other fiber activities just as satisfying.  After all, my abandonment of weaving has been partially age related and I don’t really miss it – I can still maintain my interest without physically crawling under that big Glimakra loom.






Calling A Spade A Spade August 29, 2015

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At last  – all those aching joints have been given a name – arthritis pain.  As a result of a visit to the doctor yesterday, a well known medical term has been given to a condition with which I have been “suffering” for a number of years.  During the past year I have noted significant changes in my joints, particularly in my hands and right leg.  Ageing!  Years ago I had a paperback book with a sort of maroon cover.  Title – Arthritis ………..  That book has disappeared.  It was sort of a farmer’s almanac type book.  I’m hunting for it now – never mind all those current books on arthritis – I want remedies used by our forebears. For some reason I think it was originally published in 1934.  It was a Pan paperback.   Have any of my readers seen a book vaguely fitting this description?


Another Day, Another Doctor January 15, 2015

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It seems as if that’s been the pattern of my life for the past few months.  Which doctor is it today?  A familiar question.  The eye doctor re a cataract operation, the hand surgeon doctor re fingers that are a bit out of shape, the hand physiotherapist; and for Ian the bloods doctor for the monthly check-up, and the neurologist and the physiotherapist for difficulty in walking.  Which doctor which office?  It has become a bit of a blur but all is basically well and we are gradually working through our ailments.  Are we ageing?  Yes!!

IMG_3797  this is the splendid blue splint I had to wear on my right hand for 6 weeks, I could have chosen black or purple       so when it became  apparent that all was not well with my left hand, purple was the color I chose    IMG_5227  selfie of the left hand splint           I became very adept at doing things with the thumb and first finger of each hand – including knitting.  The hand surgeon suggested that the tendons in the knuckles had shifted out of place.  This condition might have been developing gradually over a long period of time.  I call this ageing.  And I think it might have been caused by knitting.  Is it arthritis? tendonitis? who’s to say.   I’ve now been discharged by the surgeon and the physio and we’ll see how I get on with the splints and various supports and exercises.             IMG_5075  I’m still knitting, and the cat seems to approve