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PreMemorial Day Visit May 31, 2017

On the weekend before Memorial Day I was visiting home territory in Boston Massachusetts.  While there I visited the cemetery in Winchester where my father and my maternal grandparents and great aunt are buried.  I had been wanting to do this for a long time.  My last and only previous visit to the Winchester cemetery had been 60 years ago in August 1957, the day of my grandfather’s funeral.



A New Angle April 5, 2017

   My grandmother’s self-published book of her poems

What does my paternal grandmother’s family tree look like.  My paternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Murdoch, was born in 1863.  The Civil War was raging.  She lived to experience 4 more wars in her lifetime, the Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean War.  She married a Civil War veteran and bore 5 children.  She became a widow while the children were still young and at home.  She was an educated woman, she loved reading.  She wrote poetry.  I propose to explore her life in as much as I can from the genealogical records and what few scraps I have of her personal letters and family memories.

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio  My grandmother’s home in Newark Ohio where she raised her children

  My grandmother and my father, 1943

IMG  My grandmother and me, 1948, in Raleigh North Carolina

IMG_0014  My grandmother as a young woman


I Could Write A Book…….. March 28, 2017

Beachmere Inn   1930’s postcard from Ogunquit Maine

I could write a long book about the memories stirring in me as I view this postcard from Ogunquit Maine.


Freya Stark, 1893-1993 July 12, 2016

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freya stark           freya stark 2      Freya-Stark

A fascinating writer and explorer

I have just finished reading a biography of her – Passionate Nomad, The Life of Freya Stark by Jane Fletcher Geniesse.  Including a new Epilogue.  A surprise twist on a true story.  A very good biography.  What a woman!  I came away from reading this book with more information than I really wanted …….full of admiration……but……not necessarily a woman I would have chosen as a friend.  And I don’t think she would have chosen me.

freya stark


Rose Wilder Lane May 20, 2016

RoseWilderLane01   Rose Wilder Lane – Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter was an experienced editor and novel writer.  Much has been written about her role in the writing and publishing of her mother’s books.  This mother/daughter combination has given so much pleasure to millions of readers with the Little House on the Prairie series on pioneer life in the America Mid-West.


My Struggle June 10, 2015

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10 june 080  What a series.  I started with Book 3 which focused mainly on Karl Ove Knausgraard’s childhood.  Fascinating.  Then I read Book 1, which actually picked up where Book 3 ended.  Equally good.  Now on to Book 2.

The series consists of 6 books, all written in Norwegian of course.  They are slowly being translated and published in English. The English edition of Book 4 has just  been issued in hardback.

Karl Ove Knausgård.jpg  image from Wikipedia,  the author Karl Ove Knausgaard age 46


Long Awaited Autobiography June 17, 2011

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This long awaited autobiography to which I refer occasionally in this blog, continues to mushroom the longer I put off the final revision and putting a printed copy out there in the public domain.  I seem to shy at the last hurdle.  This is partly because I am lazy about revising and editing and getting ready for a definitive printing and publication.  Meanwhile time is marching on so there is more that I can add, and I keep getting new ideas about how I want to do this.  e.g. A print-run of 100 copies?   A limited production of say 5 copies for close relations?  Should I use the Espresso Book machine? 

And now my latest interruption is some big repairs to our house, as well as a number of blows of sad news regarding close friends and family members.

In my general sorting of memorabilia, photos, old papers, etc., I have come across the following, now 10 years old.  For a while I kept a journal – this was in pre-blogging days – and here is a mock-up of a cover that I used to print the one copy of my journal for 2001.  This was the year we went to Dubai to visit son Andrew and wife Amanda.  The photo was taken on a beach near their home.  Note the Kilternan Market bag.  Ever useful, this bag from the Market in Dublin.  That sunshine in Dubai was most welcome but my oh my, it was hot.

      on the beach in Dubai, the sun was strong but the breeze made the heat more bearable

I also used to keep a copy in print of the list of books I read in a particular year.  This was my mock-up of the cover for that one-off publication for the year 2001.  I assume this is a sunset in Dubai.

I’m glad now that I did these little publications for my records.  In more recent years I have  still kept track of things via the computer but haven’t got around to making any print copies.