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Conclusion of the BAILEY BOB Adventure November 20, 2016

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bailey-bob  This is the Bailey Bob in Essex.  You can just see a tiny edge of the Blue Belle, his neighbor’s boat.  The Bailey Bob is now docked in Palm Beach Florida.  The Blue Belle is all wrapped up in storage for the winter in Portland Connecticut.

img_1551  Here we are with son Andrew supervised by son David taking the Blue Belle from Essex upriver to Portland.  This was back when I visited in Glastonbury at the end of October.  At least I got to share some of the boating experience.  Now I have a hankering to share the trip south.  I wonder where David will store his boat for the winter next year.


The BAILEYBOB In Florida November 18, 2016

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The BAILEYBOB, the subject of the big boating adventure from Essex Connecticut to Florida, reached a marina in Florida last Monday, Day 10.  At that point David McKee bailed and decided to head for home flying from Jacksonville back to Hartford.  A marvelous adventure but time to get back to work.

norfolk-12 Near the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, one of the highlights of the trip


Day 8 – Destination Charleston South Carolina November 12, 2016

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charleston-sc             south-harbor-village-marina

early start from Southport North Carolina headed for Charleston South Carolina


later in the day we hear from BAILEYBOB at the Charleston City Marina


Mission accomplished


Day 6 of the Boating Adventure November 10, 2016

The report I had last night from the BAILEYBOB was that it was getting windy and rain was moving in.  A small craft warning had been issued.   They had had a busy Day 5 traveling approximately 150 miles from Norfolk Virginia to Oriental North Carolina – ready for a rest.  They are now traveling the Intercostal Waterway  which started in Norfolk.    Draw a straight line south to Florida.

This journey makes me think of my grandfather Friend who in my memory travelled by car each October or November from Boston to Orlando or Clearwater Florida.  He stopped each night for a rest and stopped for a few days in Pinehurst North Carolina to play golf.  This was from about 1940 to 1956.



Just in from the BAILEYBOB     beaufort-north-carolina  Beaufort North Carolina      only 22 miles today     a late start and engine trouble


Day 4 in the Boating Adventure November 8, 2016

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rappahanock-virginia   Here’s the latest, Windmills Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia       Destination for this election day – Norfolk Virginia

container-ship-encounter  that container ship looks pretty close


Chesapeake Virginia – on the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway – I think BAILEYBOB  is on schedule

chesapeake-va-intercoastal-waterway  photo credit – Chesapeake Virginia website

this is not the BAILEYBOB but is pretty close







Day 3 En Route To Florida November 7, 2016

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This blog is turning into a travel log.  A temporary move but not unknown to happen now and again.   Six or seven years ago I followed the container ship carrying our belongings from Dublin to Seattle.  Now I’m following one of our sons traveling on board the BAILEYBOB traveling from Essex Connecticut to Florida.  This is day 3 of their trip.  They are now near the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal Bridge.

day-3-to-florida   There is the bridge in the distance.  Looking good.

ditch-bridge-day-3  Passing under the bridge.

fuel-dock-cd   need to refuel again

brewer-oxford-yard  and so ends Day 3, sunset in Oxford Maryland