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Happy Fourth Of July Weekend July 2, 2017

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IMG_3616  Do I look patriotic enough?

I’m reminded of the most memorable Fourth of July our peripatetic family ever spent.  That weekend in 1979 marked our acceptance to membership in the American Club in Dhaka Bangladesh.  What a change that made in our expat lives.  A swimming pool for the boys and tennis courts for us.  Wow.


Baking Bread And Other Goodies August 20, 2016

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Are you interested in baking?  The Great British Baking Show?  A Bangladeshi with roots in Sylhet?  Nadia Hussain is the name of the GBBS winner in 2015.  The entry for her on Wikipedia is inspirational!  What a wonderful person!

nadiya hussein               90th Birthday cake  Nadiya’s 90th birthday cake for Queen Elizabeth II



Family Memories – Bangladesh August 5, 2011

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Today I felt I was really getting somewhere in this endless task of sorting out all our stuff.  I have come across numerous photographs and memorabilia from different times in our family life.  So what better way to reminisce than to make a blog entry.

When we went to Bangladesh in 1978, we were still in our stamp collecting phase.

  First Day Cover – First Day of Issue, Dacca Bangladesh, 9 Nov 1977

  The six animals are the bear, the spotted deer, the leopard, the gayal or methune. the Asiatic elephant, and the tiger.

  Can any of my readers read the Bengali language (Bangla)?  Not I – I did take lessons for a while but did not get very far.

  James, age 9, he is standing in the drive of the house where we lived in Dhanmondi.  The dog lurking in the background came to us from friends who were leaving.  The dog seemed perfectly healthy – but it proved not to be the case.  Some weeks after he came to us, he died.  We did not know whether he had been poisoned or what.  We had to take the body to the lab to check whether the dog had had rabies.  It was all rather unsettling.  Mysterious happenings in the night.

  Four of us plus the dog and the house next door in the background

  Festivities for the children at the American Club.  Andrew in white appears to be some sort of robot, James was a wizard, and David might have been the wizard’s assistant.

The photos were taken by Ian with his Polaroid camera.  Some time later we just popped in to say hello to friends who lived near the American Club and we inadvertently left the camera on the seat of the car.  You can guess what happened.