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Thinking About My Genealogy May 24, 2018

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9781558499614_p0_v1_s550x406  I’ve now finished reading this excellent book and will start checking whether any of the early settlers of Watertown are related to me.  Certainly a lot of the names were familiar to me as names of people or streets or schools in Belmont.  Belmont where I grew up was part of Watertown in the period covered 1630-1680.


Echoes Of The Past February 22, 2018

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I can hear it now – “No School All Schools All Day” in the following towns in the Boston area………..   That was the announcement on the radio at 7:30 a.m. if there had been a heavy snow fall or an ongoing blizzard.   That was in the 1940’s.  And it seems to be the same 80 years on.  Here in Seattle I heard it this morning.  We had about 2 inches of snow last night.  It’s beautiful!  No longer does it mean no school for me – it’s for my grandchildren.

IMG_5233   beautiful but this small amount of snow creates havoc on Seattle’s hilly streets



Pursuing My Relatives February 9, 2015

This genealogy search is taking me in all sorts of directions and stirring up many remote memories.  I feel I should focus my search and try to do one thing at a time.  For example, on my father’s side of the family there are many relatives that I only met once or twice long ago.  Many first cousins and second cousins.

In real time I am pursuing my peripatetic 89 year old sister.  She is having a rough year moving between hospitals, various nursing homes and rehab centers, her own home, and the homes of 2 of her 8 children.  For a few days she was in Campton New Hampshire where it was VERY COLD., like other parts of New England.  Now she is over in Maine where 2 more feet of snow are forecast.  I’m sure New Englanders are wondering when this will ever end.  I’m remembering a winter back in the late 1940’s when we had record amounts of snow in Belmont Mass.  I loved it.  In my mind’s eye I have a picture of my sister sitting on a high snowbank of shovelled snow.  She is reading a book and I am about to drop a chunk of snow on her head.



A Bit of a Surprise – Look Again August 20, 2011

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I was idly reading the emails and notices this morning, including a daily newspaper from my hometown.  Today is the real estate day and up popped a picture of a house that looked rather familiar.  Was that my old house?  the house I grew up in?

  it doesn’t look quite right but it looked sufficiently similar to make me investigate further

My sister has been sending me some old photos and so I looked at the one from the latest mailing.  A picture of our house probably taken in the late 1920’s.  The house was built in 1926.

Upon further investigation I found that the house that had caught my eye intitally was actually built 12 years later than our house and was in a totally different part of town.  The house that was just sold is located on Belmont Hill and in fact it was a much bigger house than ours.  But ours was solidly built and although not in the more exclusive part of Belmont known as Belmont Hill, it was still in a very nice neighbourhood and I hope that the current occupants are as happy living there as our family was all those years ago.  Our street had its own hill where we used to ski and sled and in other seasons we could rollerskate down the hill and around the block.


This idleness of comparing houses and looking up street addresses thanks to google maps lead to all sorts of mind wanderings.

Here is a photo of my father and my sister Ruth, not long before they moved from School Street to the newly built house on Old Middlesex Road, 1926.

  I particularly treasure this photo.  My father as a younger man, 10 years before I was born.