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Map Of Henry Herrick’s Beverly Property c. 1660 May 14, 2016

Henry Herrick's Beverly property c 1660Henry’s neighbors were Roger Conant, Thomas Balch, and William Dodge

Additional information relating to Henry Herrick
29 Jun 1629
Naumkeag (Salem)

Henry Hericke arrives at Salem, previously named Naumkeag with the Higginson-Skelton fleet of Puritans, probably on the “Lions Whelp”, John Gibbs, Master; that had sailed from Gravesend on 25 Apr 1629, a 65-day journey to Salem.


06 Aug 1629 • Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Henry was among the 30 family headsof households that signed the “Covenants” forming the First Church of Salem, the first “Puritan” church in the New World. Up to that point, only “reformed” churches had been established.


1636 • Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

In 1636, Henry and Editha Laskin Herrick are listed among the 30 living members/founders of the Church of Salem that still resided in Salem.

20 Sep 1667
Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Henry and Editha Laskin Herrick, having moved to Bass River are allowed to leave the Church of Salem and become founders of the first church on “Ryal-Syde” (Bass River) citing “…tediousnesse & difficulties over the water and other inconveniences”.

Bass River

03 Nov 1668 • Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

As Bass River now had a church, thanks to Henry Herrick and others, it is made a “distinct Towne” named Beverly.