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It Was A Day For The Races In Sequim March 11, 2018

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IMG_5377  Tour de Dung riders assembled for their 1:15 start – son James’ group of 50+ riders was just behind them, assembling for their 1:20 start

IMG_5390  James’ group of riders flying past on Lap 4  – son James is the lone rider wearing the blue Apex jersey and a blue helmet  – yes I did actually get a picture of him in action



A Day At The Races March 4, 2018

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Yesterday marked the start of the cycling season – racing that is.  It was a chilly and foggy morning in the valley near Auburn south of Seattle.  Here is son James about to be launched – family members are gathered round.  It was a time trial wth cyclists starting every 30 seconds.  5 miles out, 5 miles return, taking approximately 28 minutes.  Various teams were represented.  James is with the Apex Team – they were well represented in the various categories.

James start time was about 9:20 and the fog had considerably dispersed by then.  That’s me to the left trying to get him at the start.   Grandson Sean is the supporter just to the right and James’ wife Susan is there in green.


A Day At The Races March 19, 2017

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It was extremely windy and cold at the Bike Races yesterday in Sequim Washington.  I was a spectator and was able to enjoy the day regardless of the weather.  I could retreat to the shelter of our car to watch the drama – or knit or read.  I was watching for son James in his bright blue helmet and Team Apex outfit.  Quite easy to spot as most of the other cyclists dropped out after 2 or 3 laps as the weather was so awful.

James’s starting group, Cat(egory) 3 was quite large.

IMG_2648  Warming up for the race at the Apex tent

IMG_2668    Off they go – Cat 3 group at 9:45.




IMG_2670  As they disappear in the distance

My instructions were to expect to see James in about half an hour.  He estimated a time of 2 1/2 hours to cycle the 60 miles.  1/2 an hour for each of 5 laps.   I had a wave from James after lap 1 or was it 2.


3 hours later here was James

IMG_2682  James in the lead (well of 2 riders – I didn’t know how many riders had rounded this corner already or which group they were in – Cat 3, 4, or 5.   It was confusing to watch and learn anything.  There were 3 groups of riders- Cat 3 started at 9:45, Cat 4 at 9:50, and Cat 5 at 9:55.  Cat 3 riders were supposed to do 5 laps round the 12 mile course.  Cat 4 4 laps, and Cat 5 3 laps  They was a fair degree of overtaking and mixing of the competitors out on the course.  And many dropped out.

A good day racewise despite the weather. Cold and very windy but at  least it didn’t rain n the rain shadow of Sequim’s location.  Several tents were blown down that added to the drama.       IMG_2677             IMG_2675


Bicycling and Friendship March 8, 2017

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Woman Cyclist  Don’t you love this image?  I found it on a friend’s Facebook page.  I consider her a good friend even though we have yet to meet in person.  We’ve known each other for years.  We first met when I was living in Ireland.  Now we live much closer but still haven’t managed to get together – only a few miles separate us.  Maybe I should pump up the tires on my bicycle and suggest we meet at a halfway point.


Retro Cycling Italian Style March 6, 2017

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IMG_2573  Here is a picture of a book I just finished – Geronimo!  Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy by Tim Moore.  Well it’s meant to be humorous but the author’s choice of language was a bit off putting. Nevertheless, he was quite inventive in finding ways to write about very similar experiences in his cycling adventure.  I might have enjoyed the book more if I knew more about the geography of Italy.


A Fun Day At The Races March 5, 2017

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james-on-the-bike Cycle race near Auburn Washington.  This is my son James in full racing gear (pun not intended)

We had a break in the pattern of cold and rainy days – and about 150 cyclists turned out for a morning of time trials in the Green River Valley.  Individual cyclists were started at 30 second intervals to cycle as hard as they could for 5 miles along the winding level road, round the traffic cone, then 5 miles back the same way.  Times varied between 22 and 27 minutes.  James was hoping for a time about 25 minutes – and he succeeded, with a sprint finish.

The cyclists were from 4 or 5 different teams and categories.  About 20 of the cyclists were from the Apex Team, the team James belongs to.   James is a Cat(egory) 3 racer and there were 9 racers in his group.  He finished 7th in his group.  There were about 150 racers in total


Spoiled For Choice July 4, 2016

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Do I watch Wimbledon or the Tour de France?  Exciting days on the Tour and now at Wimbledon Andy Murray is about to play Nick Kyrios from Australia.  Mark Cavendish’s winning sprint finish today was fantastic.  It doesn’t get any closer than that.  I find that Serena had a convincing win in her match.  Now let’s root for Andy Murray.


On The Road Again June 21, 2016

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The Seattle Randonneurs are on the road again for Day 4, the final day of their 1200K ride.  Only 125 miles today to finish in Mt. Vernon.  The photos below are from Day 3.  Oh how I wish I were X years younger and able to actively participate in this sport.  Oh well I get lots of vicarious pleasure from following my son and his friends and I don’t get wet and cold.

Dry Falls

Mazama country inn Day 3


A Cycling Odyssey July 19, 2011

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Given my interest in all things Nordic and a son who is keen on long distance cycling, I seized upon this book when it came out not so long ago.  This past week said son was participating the a long distance endurance cycling challenge in Colorado so I thought it appropriate to be reading this book as he was cycling up and down those mountains.  As it turned out, the book was also appropriate in reminding me of a trip that said son did maybe 20 years ago in Norway and Finland.  That long-ago trip was in somewhat reverse direction from the cycling done by Robert Goldstein in Riding With Reindeer.  And also it wasn’t done by bicycle, so far as I know.  I’ll ask James when he gets back from Colorado to find out just what and how he did that trip north from Oslo to loop over the top of Norway and then south in Finland to Helsinki.

The Riding with Reindeer man did his trip ex-Seattle flying to Helsinki and then cycling intensively east and north, completing over 2000 miles.  A great adventure.  He did this trip in the summer of 2007 and the book has a 2010 publication date.  If I’m not mistaken it was launched only a couple of months ago when the author gave a talk about the book at the Nordic Heritage Centre.  I didn’t get to the talk, but I did buy the book at that time when I saw it in the Heritage Centre shop while browsing before my Norwegian language class.

Reading the book, I came away with a somewhat better knowledge of the history and geography of Finland.  And his roughly day by day account gives a good feeling for the possible triumphs and hardships to be encountered in such an endeavour.   There are some good black and white photos in the book but for some lovely colour photos of fishing in Finland follow the link. 

Also I have just been reading the official blog of the Colorado High Country cycling challenge that James did.  That makes for good reading and viewing also.



Moving On – My Book Collection March 31, 2011

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Today I had a nice bike ride (sort of in the rain) over to the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood.  Uphill a fair bit of the way but nothing drastic if you choose your route carefully.

  this is the bookstore

I took several books – 8-10 – in the bicycle pannier.  Exchanged them all for credit.  And then found a few different ones to bring home.  Net change in my book collection – probably about minus 5.  This is a slow process!!  But an enjoyable one – and I also had a good cup of coffee as I browsed the book shelves.

On my ride home, I came to the top of one hill and wondered if I was in a different country.  Maybe back in Bhutan.  A weird feeling.

  a monastery with prayer flags flying – the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

p.s. as a matter of curiousity I have just checked out google maps – by their route the bicycle ride to get there should have taken 11 minutes, a distance of 1.5 miles.  Coming back google estimates 8 minutes.  That’s mostly downhill.  I don’t think google stops at intersections or stops to smell the roses.  It took me considerably longer each way.  By car, google allows 5 minutes each way.