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A Photo I Missed January 20, 2015

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Since moving to Seattle from Dublin Ireland I have been struck by the size of some of the commercial vehicles which I have seen on quite ordinary small neighborhood streets.  I have subsequently learned that many people park on the street – either their house is small and what was once a garage has been converted to other uses, in some cases there isn’t even a driveway for the house, or the driveway is too small for today’s vehicles.  This on-street parking on both sides of the street, or even just one side, reduces the smooth flow of traffic making the street one-way.  This means that one is often forced to give way to on-coming cars or vice-versa.  Now when it comes to big vehicles, for commercial or private use, they can take over the road completely.

Seattle photos late March 091                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   some private vehicles are wide and long


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          this photo was taken in Connecticut but Seattle has big school buses too    and rubbish collection vehicles

what I’m looking for among my photos is the one of the huge beer delivery truck – wish I could find it – it was a striking red Budweiser vehicle.  And what prompted the writing of this entry was my sighting of a railway freight car on a flat bed being towed by on my street.  That was a very unexpected sight – and I didn’t have my camera!