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Robin Watch March 28, 2018

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I spent a long time yesterday watching a robin eating berries from a bush in my neighbor’s garden.  This viewing was from the window in my study.  The robin was finally disturbed by the appearance of a Northern Flicker and off she flew.  But a couple of hours later I viewed a very similar or the same fat robin eating more berries.  This view was from my kitchen window.  What a joy.

IMG_5463            IMG_5470

in both pictures the robin is approximately in the center – easy to spot with a magnifying glass – the robin’s back is turned in the second photo

that robin ate so many berries!



Where Is The Sun? January 28, 2018

Nothing but rain here in Seattle.  January is proving to be a long month.  My “garden” is a soggy mess.  ………  But I do have a lot of birds.  Hundreds, well let’s say many, little brown birds of delicate variations in size and pattern of coloring.  Nature is amazing.  However there is no problem in identifying the Northern Flicker – 2 of them visited my deck yesterday morning.

IMG_5100  Lone picture of a greedy squirrel.  The good thing is that he loosens the suet for the little brown birds who come along after he leaves.

The cat is in position for constant bird watching.

IMG_5103  Katerina aka Kat


Robins In The Holly Tree January 18, 2018

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IMG_5077  View from my desk – at least 3 robins flying about from branch to branch in the holly tree.  I can only spot one in this photo.  They look so pretty, especially when the sun shines to highlight the robin’s bright red breast against the red berries and the strong green leaves.


Katerina Investigates March 8, 2017

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IMG_2595               IMG_2593   Our cat Katerina likes  to sample the food we buy to feed the birds.


Little Brown Birds January 2, 2017

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I love the little brown birds that come and go from my deck.  They remind me of Kenya and the many trips we made to the game park near Nairobi.  I had a friend who would say “just another little brown job” – disappointing when we were on the lookout for something a bit rarer.

img_2089  Katerina waiting for a “catch”


img_2121  nothing


img_2126  nothing


img_2114  just the ubiquitous squirrel(s)



Phew What A Morning October 10, 2016

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Trying to make complicated airline bookings with assistance from the cat and the cleaners and should I add the squirrels and birds.  I think I need another cup of coffee.

img_1424 if you look carefully you can find the squirrel’s tail


img_1420 here is the big cat looking at the little bird


img_1421  and then my favorite bird the Northern Flicker arrived


Squirrels, Peanuts, And A Cat August 9, 2015

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My visiting squirrels almost always turn up first when I put out peanuts for them on the railing of our deck.