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Latest Knitting November 18, 2016

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img_1758  Knitted Blanket

img_1760  the cat likes it too


My Latest Project August 31, 2016

IMG_1171  Does Katerina approve of my latest knitted squares blanket?  A work in progress.


Inspiring Knitting August 11, 2016

Lucy Neatby design blankets  Lucy Neatby design blankets


A Work In Progress July 7, 2016

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IMG_0548 Remember all those squares I’ve been knitting?  Well now as I watch the exciting Tour de France and the equally if not more exciting tennis matches at Wimbledon, I am joining the squares to make a cosy blanket/lap robe.

p.s. further progress   IMG_0563  Now for a border


Color Selection For My Latest Blanket May 6, 2016

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I love choosing colors.  And then knitting 8 x 8 inch squares.

IMG_0226         IMG_0227

The intention is to choose yarns from my stash.  But I don’t always do that.  It’s too much fun to buy more yarn – to have just the right color as my squares grow in number.  This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day – maybe I’ll treat this mother with a trip to the yarn store. And of course there’s also tone to consider – another excuse to buy yarn.


Knitting Makes Me Happy May 2, 2016

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Simple isn’t it.  After doing several crochet blankets I’ve picked up my knitting again.  An easy project just knitting 8×8 inch squares and eventually joining them to make blanket.

IMG_0203   knitted squares blanket under which I often take a nap – note the red square in the upper left corner – it’s the first square of the new blanket

IMG_0205      each square could tell a story



Miscellany 2 May 1, 2016

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IMG_0192 latest crochet blanket

IMG_0196  Katerina


IMG_0190  to be planted

13064760_1065575196832028_2253238549938166630_o  scribe



Another Crochet Blanket March 26, 2016

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IMG_9950  3rd crochet blanket in current series


Edward Clap Came To America On The Hopewell March 1, 2016

Andrea Doria   The Hopewell made several voyages in 1635.  Edward Clap, 1605-1664, sailed to Boston on the Hopewell in that year.  His wife Prudence accompanied him.  He was age 26.


I wish the passengers could have had some of my knitted blankets.  A 400 year wait!


Crochet Throw January 30, 2016

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IMG_9712  a work in progress – a change from knitted scarves