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A Dish For My Cat Katerina April 8, 2017

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IMG_8830   I wish she would get the message

(Dish borrowed from Jesuisleroisoleil)


Blogs I Want to Keep An Eye On March 24, 2011

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Back in December 2009, I made a list of the blogs I like to visit.  I keep referring to that archive blog to try to keep up with life in the stratosphere.  Now it is March 2011, and I’m making a new list.  It doesn’t mean I am abandoning the old list, just making a new list.  There is some overlap.  It’s meant as an aide memoire for me rather than an attempt to steer anyone else in similar directions.

A Bluestocking Knits

Bettina     Woolly Bits and Everything Textile

Fed by Birds     shop in London

Sue in New Hampshire     Life Looms Large

Cliffe    Vintage Seattle

Kiwi Dutch     Dutch mom friend of Matt’s

Kim     Seattle Daily Photo

Chuck     Seattle Almost One a Day

Mette   Historic Knitting Denmark

Strath      interesting photography

Crucibulum    James’ cycling statistics

Postcards     The Best Hearts are Crunchy

Kristie    Kristie in BC – Kamloops

Leigh     Fiber  and Homesteading

Liz Lovick      northern lace

Emperor Orp    Susan’s blog

Matt    Just Wondering

Jean Miles    knitting and life

Joanna            Mauselina     

Dave in Montana   Postal Art

Mary Lou    Yarnerinas

Another Lynne     Food Fun and Farm Life in East Africa

Shandy     in Essex   Cheviots

Lynne     sockladyspins

Will Cookson    blog


unknown    bookmarks in used books

my blog    Janet’s thread


Time Warp August 21, 2010

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Back in December 2009 my list of favorites, ie. blogs that I subscribed to via an RSS Feed, seemed to freeze at December 19 or thereabouts.  I kept checking it but nothing new seemed to be happening in any of the blogs I was following.  Strange I thought.  That just couldn’t be true – where did all those automatic up-dates go to?  Well, wherever they went to, they haven’t come back and that list of favorites is stuck back in December.  So I just launched a new list on a blog entry in late December.  That list doesn’t tell me when a blog on that list has been updated but I keep referring back to it to check out my favourite blogs.

Now I have looked again at my Favorites List – still stuck in December 2009.  It’s interesting to look back at those December entries but now I find I can just click on that blog name and find the latest entry.  Some of those blogs I haven’t read since last December.  Not all of them got transferred to the blog entry list that I have been using regularly.  Apologies.  But it is rather interesting now to get caught up on what has happened in some of my previous internet/blogger friends’ lives since before Christmas 2009.

And who knows what is going to happen when this computer gets shipped to Seattle.  I hope I don’t lose my whole email address book.  That address book is only on this computer, not on either of my laptops.  The shippers are coming on Tuesday – eek.

Photos for today will be from an interesting website

The Unst Bus Shelter, Shetland, Scotland

Wouldn’t it be nice if all bus shelters could be so well outfitted.


Blogs I Like To Visit December 28, 2009

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We moved house about 6 weeks ago.  When we were reconnected to broadband in our new house, I eventually realised  that my favourite blogs were not being updated in the list of RSS Feeds that I subscribe to.  I can still use the Feeds List to look up my favourites but I no longer know when they have been updated, which rather defeats the idea of having the list.  Instead, I only get the blog entry that was made on the date I subscribed to that particular feed.  And this becomes rather tedious as I have to scroll through the blog to find the blog’s home page and then I see if there is a more current entry.  I tried to make a list of these blogs in my side bar but I couldn’t get that to work either.

So to make a long story short, I’m going to just make a list of the blogs I like to read and then refer back to this post when I want to look up that particular blog – that is if I can’t just pull the name of the blog out of my head.  (Sometimes when I do that with telephone numbers I get the wrong friend.)  The list is in somewhat alphabetical order.  Here’s a start.

Seattle Now and Then    seattle now and then

Emily Carr mystery name    the other emily blog post

Norwegian knitter     norway

Victoria Daily photo

Audrey     Eclectic Art

Annie    Knits O Facto

Lillehammer     Toriortot mittens

Art of the Landscape     art

Annie   aspinnerweave

Astronomy picture of the day    NASA

Entomologist who likes to knit     knitting in wales

no name    shipspotting

Beth    geology and family

Bettina   woolly bits – everything textile

Birgitta    Birgitta’s blog

Boston      photos of Boston

Carol    carol’s blog

Cat Down Under      in Australia

Catherine    Dispatches from the Deise

Cathy      sketching in South Africa

Charlotte     atelier 70N

Cindy   the best hearts are crunchy

Cliffe      Vintage Seattle

Dave      Old Paper Art

Dorothy    Lockerbie Scotland

Dot    Yarnmaker

Elin      Northern Norway

Evelyn    Textiles and Stamp Collecting and Drawing

FiberQat      FiberQat

Fleegle        Fleegle’s blog

Franklin    The Panopticon

Freyalynn    Freyalynn’s Thoughts

Freyalynn    Freyalynn’s Dyepot

Gabrieli     Urban Sketchers

Gale     She Shoots Sheep Shots

Harry     Harry in Athens

Helen     chronic knitting syndrome

Holly     The Literary Assassin

Ingrid      Ingrid’s blog

Jack    hartford daily photo

James    Crucibulum

James   fibrealive

Jared   brooklyn tweed

Janna    Knitting Relaxes Me

Jean     Jean’s knitting

Jean    Jean From Cornwall

Jeanne    A Bluestocking Knits

Jenny Dean   wild colour

Jo       North Africa

Joanna    Joannamauselina

Joe    Queer Joe

Julie    samurai knitter

Karen    the frugal girl

Kate      needled

Kerstin   from Sweden

Kerstin    Getting Stitched on the Farm

Kim      Historic Seattle


Kristie  in BC    North of 49

Leigh    Leigh’s Fiber Journal

Leigh    5 acres and a dream

Lene     Danceswithwool

Lesley    Devon Fine Fibres

Linda      Bookwords

Liz      Northern Lace

Swedish Liz in Ireland    swedish and english


Lynne     Sockladyspins

Ma Ingalls    What would Ma Ingalls Do

Mariann    in Holland

Martin     An Englishman in Eugene

Marina     Art and things

Mary Jo   Travel and knitting

Mary Lou    Yarnerinas

Matt    Just Wondering

Mel   vet in Maine

Meg    unravelling

Midori     in the labyrinth

Nyondo   Road Blog Ahead

P. J. Taylor     Dublin Daily Photo

Roger and Helen     connecticut

Rosemary     Rosemary’s blog

Renee    Art=Life

Ruth     Knitting on Impulse

SaRi      SaRi’s Mindful Knitting

Seattle P-I     archive photo blog

Savita      an awfully big blog adventure

Seattle bike blog    biking

Shandy     Cheviots

Sharon    Sage Creek  Nevada

Strath     Pacific Standard

Sue     Life Looms Large

Sue     travel fibre

Susan    thrums

Susan      SusanF Handmade

Susan      Emperor Penguin

a     Fed by Birds

Suzanne     herborium

Tracey    Dublin Sketchers

trapunto    trapunto

Ward Cunningham    state license plates

a     spinningfishwife

b       knitting linguist

c      quilt tales from Finland

d    tangletale

e     aland finland 365

e     historic fibres

f   from Kerstins Extras to Rag Rug Day in Sweden

g    vintage art illustrators

Unlike the Tree Stumps this list will keep growing.


Dissectologist June 5, 2009

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Dissectologist – a person who likes to do jigsaw puzzles.  I am one of those.  Here is a a link to a 48 piece jigsaw puzzle made from one of my photos.  The photo is of Baby Surprise No. 4

band 140  Baby Surprise No. 4

I’m not sure I have succeeded with the link to the above.  Here is another photo puzzle.

Bloom 036  my photo of Bettina‘s colour wheel of natural dye results


Trouble with Photos May 15, 2009

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I have a lot of blogs to write but have been having trouble uploading photos. WordPress changed their system for uploading photos and I can’t seem to make it work. If I can’t resolve the problem, I will have to open up a new blog on another system. I’ll let you know where I am soon.


Five Addictions March 16, 2009

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I have been nominated for a blog award.       fabby_blog  Thank you  Leigh. 

Now I have to name 5 things to which I am addicted – not difficult.

1.  Buying new books

2.  Buying 2nd hand books

3. Yarn

4.  Reading blogs

5.  Writing my own blog

And I have to nominate 5 blogs to which I want to pass on the award.  That is difficult as there are so many to choose from but here are the chosen 5:   

Bettina    http://woollybits.blogspot.com:80/

Susan    http://emperorp.blog-city.com:80/ 

Cally     http://callybooker.wordpress.com/

Freyalyn   http://freyalyn.livejournal.com/

Joy      http://www.customjuju.com/joy/joyblog/