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Early Map Of Massachusetts Bay July 28, 2016

map Mass Bay 1630-1640    Early map to help keep things straight for my collection of early immigrants


King’s Chapel Boston April 29, 2016

King's Chapel  Burial Ground for my ancestor Col Thomas Dexter Thomas was an early settler who arrived in Lynn Massachusetts in 1630.  He was born in Bristol England in 1594.  He lived to the ripe old age of 82.


John Ufford Came To America February 28, 2016

English Immigrant    John Ufford came to America when he was 6 years old.  He became my 8th Great Grandfather.  He initially landed in Boston in 16


Enough Lords And Ladies October 11, 2015

I keep finding more Lords and Ladies in my Scottish ancestry.  But I want to find ancestors of more humble origins.  I have referred before to the Blue Books compiled by my grandmother, Grandma Miller.  In one of these books she records a Sen Miller who left Edinburgh for America in 1660.   He in turn had come from the Isle of Skye. He landed in Boston.   I read this entry many times – I would like to learn more about this man – and his descendents.