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Time Warp August 21, 2010

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Back in December 2009 my list of favorites, ie. blogs that I subscribed to via an RSS Feed, seemed to freeze at December 19 or thereabouts.  I kept checking it but nothing new seemed to be happening in any of the blogs I was following.  Strange I thought.  That just couldn’t be true – where did all those automatic up-dates go to?  Well, wherever they went to, they haven’t come back and that list of favorites is stuck back in December.  So I just launched a new list on a blog entry in late December.  That list doesn’t tell me when a blog on that list has been updated but I keep referring back to it to check out my favourite blogs.

Now I have looked again at my Favorites List – still stuck in December 2009.  It’s interesting to look back at those December entries but now I find I can just click on that blog name and find the latest entry.  Some of those blogs I haven’t read since last December.  Not all of them got transferred to the blog entry list that I have been using regularly.  Apologies.  But it is rather interesting now to get caught up on what has happened in some of my previous internet/blogger friends’ lives since before Christmas 2009.

And who knows what is going to happen when this computer gets shipped to Seattle.  I hope I don’t lose my whole email address book.  That address book is only on this computer, not on either of my laptops.  The shippers are coming on Tuesday – eek.

Photos for today will be from an interesting website

The Unst Bus Shelter, Shetland, Scotland

Wouldn’t it be nice if all bus shelters could be so well outfitted.