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Vintage Cars April 5, 2017

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IMG_2831 my neighbor’s 1963 Ford convertible – lovingly rejuvenated.  It runs beautifully.

We got to talking about cars we had owned in the past and believe it or not it dawned on me that I was as antique as the cars I or members of my family had owned.  A 1948 black Ford convertible nicknamed Konk Out Katy.  A Green Ford Convertible.  A black Mercury from the 1930’s.    A 1953 Pontiac.  VW Beetles in the 1960’s  Etc.  That was all 50-60-70-80 years ago.



Seen On My Walk February 9, 2017

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img_2338       img_2337

How is this for a vintage car?  A Cadillac-Oldsmobile.  I don’t think this flashy green is the original color!  However a google search revealed 2 bright green vintage cars:

1953-cadillac-oldsmobile  1953 Cadillac


1971 Oldsmobile