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Spotting Katerina August 18, 2017

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IMG_4108  Look hard in the burnt out grass in my neighbor’s garden – that dot is Katerina.  Come home I called.  (she did)


Katerina Has A New Tactic August 14, 2017

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IMG_4085 How do I get anything done??  I love my cat!


Cat Photo August 11, 2017

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2017_08_11_10_00_06.pdf035I don’t know this cat.  The photo is from the 1980’s and that cat is sitting on the fence in the back garden of our house in Dublin Ireland.  Was that cat a friend of our cat?


Heat Wave July 31, 2017

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IMG_3968  beating the heat – Katerina finds a shady spot


Wood Art July 29, 2017

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Wood Art Pug and Cat

Handsome Duo – PugandCat     Two of my favorite Facebook characters


My Cat Is Queen July 26, 2017

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IMG_3888  Determination – Queen Katerina is on a mission in the early morning sun


Do You Love Your Cat – Does Your Cat Love You? June 15, 2017

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As regular readers of this blog probably know, I love my cat Katerina dearly.  But does she love me?  She is definitely not a lap cat.  This is a characteristic that I find disconcerting.  Every other cat I have ever known has been a lap cat.  It’s nice.

For example, here’s a vintage family photo and the family cat has chosen my mother.  (The family dog had to be in the photo also.)