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The Latest …… June 24, 2018

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IMG_2227  Katerina watching closely


A Cat Doing What A Cat Does June 21, 2018

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IMG_5759  Sad demise – I’ve buried the bird and feel awful. I’m glad Katerina doesn’t catch birds very often.  I buried a field mouse yesterday – I felt badly about that also – but not quite so bad.

Does the cat’s recent behavior have anything to do with the Solstice?  I wonder.


Katerina Wants My (Her!) Chair June 20, 2018

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IMG_5756  stretching out in the early morning sun


Katerina Exploring June 18, 2018

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IMG_5737  This is at the front of the house.  Katerina is eyeing the neighbor’s yard.  She will saunter over as if she is quite familiar with the territory.


Katerina In The Early Morning Sun June 17, 2018

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Genealogy Is All Consuming June 3, 2018

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Just one more record……..and so it goes on.  I have been going through my records and checking whether  I can find any more ancestors.  Just when I think I’m almost finished another possibility crops up.

Katerina hopes I’ll finish soon as she wants “her” chair.



My Gardening Buddy May 31, 2018

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In The Early Morning Sun May 23, 2018

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Man Meets Cat May 22, 2018

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I rather like this photo of my husband speaking to Fizz the cat.  But I agree with my son that the picture is blurry.  He maintains that I should use my phone for picture taking.  But the trouble with that I found was that I somehow ended up with short videos.  Modern technology, grr.


Katerina Is Always Puzzling May 6, 2018

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IMG_1604 endearing isn’t she