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Latest Reading December 12, 2017

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IMG_4893  a book by Alexandra Fuller – Quiet Until the Thaw.  This is about the Lakota Indians of the Dakotas.  Whether writing about Africa or the western part of the United States, she is one of my favorite authors.


Puzzle Mayhem December 10, 2017

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IMG_4872  Turn my back for a second and the cat pounces – is she deliberately doing this?  I did get her the cat food she likes – her action is inexcusable!


Trying To Work On The Jigsaw Puzzle December 8, 2017

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IMG_4842          IMG_4846

IMG_4845           IMG_4843

IMG_4844           IMG_4841

Needless to say, Katerina was not the ideal puzzling companion.  In fact she delighted in rolling on the pieces, scratching herself and the puzzle pieces and pulling  the puzzle apart.  All for a bit of attention and hope for something more to eat.  Love that cat!


A New Cat In The Neighborhood December 6, 2017

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24232434_10154894292446126_6004210712434661631_n                  Travis aka Joe, the neighbor hood cat

IMG_4792      The new cat –  a white cat at that

IMG_4789    seen on my walk to the post box – this is orange (Travis) cat territory – a new member of the local cat gang?


Where Was Katerina Going? November 28, 2017

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IMG_4783           IMG_4782


Thanksgiving Dinner November 24, 2017

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IMG_4766   It was lovely!


IMG_4768  Fizz the cat was banished – she waited patiently



Random Photos For Thanksgiving November 23, 2017

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IMG_4754  Still some bright colors near our garden

IMG_4749  delicate “petals” seen on my walk

IMG_4748  it doesn’t get much brighter than this

IMG_4750  random reds

IMG_4760  I finished the jigsaw (3 pieces missing, found 1 this morning, so 2 still missing)

IMG_4761   Katerina had her Thanksgiving treat last night – mousie no. 14