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Trying To Solve A Mystery April 15, 2017

Perhaps mystery is too strong a word, but I’m trying to figure out why/how my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Murdock, went from her home in Crown Point New York out to Ohio in 1880 and subsequently married my grandfather, Charles Dana Miller.

Charles had been a widower since his young wife had died in 1869 leaving him with 2 young children.  Charles lived and worked in Mount Vernon, Knox County.  He was a member of a large family, being the 9th child of James Miller and Sarah Warner.  James and Sarah had migrated from Vermont to Mount Vernon Ohio earlier in the 1800’s.  Crown Point New York borders Vermont and it is possible that the Crown Point Murdock family would know some of the Miller family who had migrated West.  Family contacts or friends.

What I am postulating is that my grandmother as a 17 year old girl heard word that my 42 year old widowed grandfather wanted a housekeeper or a tutor for his teenage children.  Up to that point possibly the children had been looked after by members of Charles’ extended family or by his deceased wife’s family.

So I am consulting the U.S. Census records for the years 1870 and 1880 to see if I can find any trace of the children Charles Dion Miller and Lucy Jewett Miller.

IMG_2909         here’s my big chart 24″ x 36″, 9 generations starting with me and then read from left to right, my parents and then my grandparents

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio

Dad’s childhood home Buena   Vista Hill Newark Ohio  

This is the house where my grandparents lived.  I’m told it’s still there.


Waiting For The School Bus September 23, 2016

img_1346  What better thing to do than to examine your friend’s Pokemon card collection?

img_1347And then the bus was sighted and there was a scramble to form a line

img_1348An orderly procession onto the bus.

img_1350Goodbye – the 3 Pokemon enthusiasts are sitting all together there in the front seat.


A Young Knitter April 3, 2016

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I can’t resist this photo of a very youthful knitter, posted on the Old Photographs website.

knitter and kiyyen

Isn’t she sweet?  And the kitten too.


Let Joy Be Unconfined September 4, 2011

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I sometimes get accused of not showing people’s faces in my photographs.  Now you can accuse me of barely showing the children running in this field in Discovery Park in Magnolia.  But I know what they looked like and the sheer joy they had running up and down this little hill on a lovely sunny September morning.   And the fact that they are three of  my grandchildren leaves me kind of biased.