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Christmas Eve Snowfall December 25, 2017


IMG_4988             Katerina’s paw prints

The snow came as I watched the Seahawks win over the Dallas Cowboys.  An exciting game and crucial for the Seahawks to have any chance of reaching the playoffs this year.  Go Seahawks.

25586970_1517724305009952_5569581375528086428_o  Winter Scene by Peter Breugel


Christmas Selfie December 21, 2017

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IMG_4963  maybe it would be better to keep the photographer’s face a mystery as above

Red is the color for the season.  My new hoodie is in aid of the Ballard Beavers teams.  One granddaughter is a sophomore at Ballard High and a second granddaughter will be there soon.  And Ballard High School BHS =BHS Belmont High School.  Still singing the same old songs!



More Shopping At The Yarn Store December 24, 2016

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img_2027  back

I’m working on a cap-sleeve sweater sort of choosing colors and making up the pattern as I go along.  Pictured is the back just beyond the decrease for the armholes.  I’m a few inches further along on the front.  I was about to run out of the green so I chose more of the green – and a different shade of brown.

img_2028  sideways view of the front

p.s. I should be writing Christmas cards instead of knitting or exploring my genealogy.


Julefest At Ballard First Lutheran Church December 6, 2016


Singing carols and dancing around the tree.  (I’m on the  right wearing the red Norwegian sweater}  This is one of my favorite traditions of Christmas.  Organized every year for the past 38 years by our Norwegian language teacher, Ed Egerdahl.   A service of music and readings followed by traditional Norwegian food and dancing round the tree.


My Favorite Christmas Card December 27, 2015

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merry christmas wren

It’s hard to pick a favorite but this picture of a wren in North Yorkshire ranks pretty high.


Holiday Photos From Around The World December 26, 2015

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Happy Holidays from Jennifer in the snowy Sierra Nevada of Californiasleepy greetings from worcester uk

Happy holidays from the snowy Sierra Nevada in California and Sleepy greetings from Worcester in the U.K.


Peace and happiness from Lisa Jean in Bass river Cape Cod

Peace and happiness from Lisa Jean in Bass River Cape Cod

Happy Christmas from Mary Johnston in Ireland

Happy Christmas from Mary Johnston in Ireland


Scottish Relative Of Katerina?

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scottish relative of katerina  Christmas cat in East Lothian Scotland (from the internet)

more cat v birds 004  Katerina in Seattle Washington