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Knitting Progress March 1, 2017


img_2471  Brown sweater – adding the sleeves



Time to think about finishing this off.  I thought I would have much more room for more patterning and colors as in the sweater pictured below.




The Man Who Loved Books Too Much April 10, 2011

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  The Man Who Loved Books Too Much – a real life detective story – and a good read for obsessive collectors of books – like myself.  The author delves into the motivations for collecting books – and the murky world of book thieves.

While reading the above, I was working on this.

  the big brown sweater.  I have now joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater and am working on the yoke.  Much knitting for a while until I really get in to the decreases.  Total stitches = 429 at the start of the 4 seams.  Then a decrease on either side of each seam a total of 4 times.  Then the decreases start in earnest every other row.  I am using old instructions which have worked well in the past……but I’m not sure about the joins for the sleeves and the body of the sweater.  I’m afraid the 2 gusset areas leave much to be desired and I will have to do some tinkering – and or steeking to get things right.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, knit on.

I almost forgot to mention – the Molly Maids assault force on the cleaning of the church pews to get ready for Easter.

  this picture doesn’t really tell the half of it.  About 45 people turned up this morning for the big Spring Cleaning of the church.  What a swarm of people inside and outside.  We scrubbed, weeded, cleaned windows, polished all things polishable, etc.  What a swarm of people.  I gather that in years past there have only been 5 or 6 people to turn up for the cleaning.  Today was different.