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Chromatic Scale January 14, 2008

Filed under: Clarinet,Knitting,Music,Socks — Janet @ 1:45 pm

Is there any way I can relate the chromatic scale to knitting?  The chromatic scale seems to be my current stumbling block in my clarinet lessons (only one stumbling block among many!!).  I’m trying to persuade myself to keep soldiering on with the clarinet lessons when what I really want to do is just sit and knit – the current knitting obsession is socks.      combinations-of-blue-and-green-1-resized.jpg  latest socks, in blues and greens

Now for the chromatic scale – maybe think Knit, Purl, Knit, Purl …………..E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bflat, C, C#, D, D#    To play the chromatic scale on the clarinet I have to start on the left side and play E with that left little finger – then go to the right side of the instrument for F, then back to the left side for F# – hence the analogy Knit, Purl, Knit, Purl      Or maybe I should actually think Purl, Knit, Purl, Knit since ordinarily I associate a purl with the wrong side of the knitting (or to use someone else’s terminology, the private side of the knitting.)  Anyhow, the purl side is not the side we usually think of when we think of knitting.  And low E on the clarinet is usually (for me anyhow) played with the right hand little finger.  So to get started, think Purl, think left.  Then I’m on my way.

clarinet-keys-upside-down-cropped.jpg  here’s a fingering chart to remind me

Another way of relating this to knitting has been suggested to me by reading Liz Lovick’s suggestions for remembering a pattern when knitting Fair Isle.  She suggests thinking of the pattern in terms of Light and Dark – I could also think of my clarinet keys in those terms – well, it might be worth a try.   For example, Light keys to the left, Dark keys to the right.  Anything to help this ageing brain!   Hmm, I’m not so sure because then when you relate to keys on the piano you get into the Light and Dark analogy and that might just complicate things too much – will have to think about that some more.