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Coats of Arms January 25, 2018

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I seem to be fascinated by these – works of art.  Here are 2 more I found recently in my genealogy research.


Essex England Coat of Arms June 19, 2017

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COA Essex England  A strong graphic image


Toft Coat of Arms June 5, 2017

Toft COA     Simple and striking – I seem to like red


Sir William Toft was my 14th Great Grandfather

Below is another Coat of Arms in my “collection”

Fowle COA


Another Coat Of Arms May 15, 2017

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Hart COA    Coat of Arms for Hart and O’Hairt families


Royal Symbol February 12, 2017

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symbol-earls-or-barons  Symbol to indicate an ancestor was an Earl or a Baron

Interesting to find in my search for ancestors on ancestry.com – e.g. my 19th Great Grandfather Sir Thomas Howland/Holland 1383-1460


Coat Of Arms February 9, 2017

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lauginger-coa  The Coat of Arms of my 17th Great Grandfather Hans Lauginger.  Hans was born in Wurtenberg Germany in 1372.  A bit before Martin Luther’s time.  Could we say he was a preLutheran?


More Castles And Knights And Lady Janets October 17, 2016

My genealogy research is leading me to all sorts of fascinating information.

For example:  Beeston Castle is an English Heritage site built on the remains of an Iron Age hill fort        beeston-castle-from-a-distance       beestoncastle                beeston-castle-prints_91199_boydell_beeston_med-1

Lady Janet de Bradshaw, 1365-1420, wife of Sir Adam Knight de Bostock, 1363-1420, were my 18th Great Grandparents.




Going Further Back In My Genealogy September 3, 2015

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I’m reaching the Middle Ages in my genealogy research.  This is one of the tidbits of information found by another researcher, Wilben Dahl,  He’s writing about the prevalence of Heraldry and Coats of Arms.

Wilben DahlWritten names are rare because few people at that time knew how to read or write. Often even kings lacked that ability and employed Scribes. The design was a method to let someone know who you were before reading and writing, became more common such as after the introduction of the printing press in 1450. Heraldry is complex and much like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which relied much on the cognitive powers of the populace during their periods to be understood.

e2b8ec03-4Miller Family Crest