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A Day In Mystic Connecticut June 27, 2017

We had a 17th birthday celebratory lunch at 36Red on the river in Mystic Connecticut.  Almost within sight of the Draken Harald – the Viking Ship which sailed the Atlantic in 2016 and wintered in Mystic.  A beauty of a day with good weather, delicious food, successful shopping, superb company, etc etc.  Superlatives galore for our oldest grandson’s 17th birthday.  IMG_4834


And I even did some knitting too!  knittingoldlady


A Day In Essex (Connecticut) June 24, 2017

Could this be a view along the Connecticut River?

We had a wonderful day in Essex Connecticut, a lovely town on the Connecticut River. Lunching at Marlay’s at the marina in Essex.  Son David had a great time maneuvering my husband’s wheelchair onto the 6 person ferry which took us to Marlay’s on the island.

Essex is such a gem of a town.  After lunch we had a bit of time to shop but it was so hot along the main street, we didn’t linger long to examine all the colorful plants and blossoms in the gardens and the classic beauty of the historic houses.  Another time.


River Photos November 5, 2016

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img_1538  Boats at the marina in Essex

brooklyn-bridge  they are underway – passing under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York    (photo courtesy of H Halpin)


Cruising Down The River

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Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon ………..that’s an old song I used to play on the piano years ago.  A tune from the early 1900’s?  Well today I’m thinking of our son David who set out early this morning to cruise down the Connecticut River en route to Florida.  I love to travel vicariously – hence with modern technology e.g. flight tracker – I hope to follow him.  A friend who berths his boat next to David’s in Essex wanted a companion to help him in moving his boat down to Florida.  David jumped aboard.

Pictures to follow.

img_1551  practice run

brooklyn-bridge passing under the Brooklyn Bridge  (photo credit H Halpin)

statue-of-liberty  Statue of Liberty   (photo by H Halpin}





Late In The Season On The Connecticut River November 1, 2016

setting out from Essex and taking the boat up to Portland to be stored for the winter

img_1551Andrew and David are on the lookout for the navigational buoys and any stray obstructions in the water


leaving the Essex Marina – it was a nice day but COLD.

img_1559going under one bridge and beside another – the swinging railway bridge – quite a landmark (or rivermark) – at Middletown

img_1560arrival at Portland – Andrew getting ready to help in the docking process