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Beauty In Weathered Gravestones July 29, 2017

Zachariah Walker  Gravestone for Zechariah Walker, South Cemetery, Woodbury, Lichfield County, Connecticut

Zechariah Walker was my 8th Great Grandfather.  He was born in Boston in 1637, died in 1699, in Woodbury Connecticut at age 63.

His parents were born in England and married in Boston in 1635.  His mother came to America in 1630.  She lived first in Salem.  I haven’t been able to determine when his father immigrated to America.

I like the way this gravestone has weathered – beautiful.


A Day In Mystic Connecticut June 27, 2017

We had a 17th birthday celebratory lunch at 36Red on the river in Mystic Connecticut.  Almost within sight of the Draken Harald – the Viking Ship which sailed the Atlantic in 2016 and wintered in Mystic.  A beauty of a day with good weather, delicious food, successful shopping, superb company, etc etc.  Superlatives galore for our oldest grandson’s 17th birthday.  IMG_4834


And I even did some knitting too!  knittingoldlady


Greetings From Connecticut June 24, 2017

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This blogger is currently enjoying a change of scene, visiting in Connecticut for a week.  So  far I’ve hit the yarn store and L L Bean and the Men’s Grooming Salon for a much needed haircut for my husband.  He rivaled the newly acquired dog Holly.  Pictures to follow.         Lewis Fairfield Burwell   Not my husband or Holly but a picture of flowing locks to sort of give you the idea.   This image is of Lewis Burden, one of my ancestors


Reverend Francis DaneRev Francis Dane, another ancestor


Barnes and Noble and Essex await.  As if I had to come to Connecticut to visit Barnes and Noble.




Falling Leaves October 26, 2016

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not exactly the picture I wanted but it will have to do to convey the feeling of late autumn here in Glastonbury Connecticut.  A lovely late Fall day, clear and cold.  A slight breeze and more leaves come down.

But I have a cold and am staying inside just reading a book and knitting.  Cozy.


From Glastonbury September 30, 2016

IMG_0463   This is a photo from 3 months ago, late June, when Ian and I and the other grandparents visited our son David and family in Glastonbury  Connecticut.  The picture was actually taken in Mystic Connecticut after a festive lunch.  Coincidentally we are about to gather again, minus one – Ian will have to participate via Skype or some such device.

I am here visiting before attending my 62nd high school reunion up in the Boston area and the other grandparents are winging their way to Hartford on the Aer Lingus inaugural direct flight from Dublin.

So here I am enjoying a quick few days doing my usual round of our favorite places and some new ones as well.  The weather has been on the cool side and the famous Fall foliage is just beginning.  We had a nice trip down to Mystic and this time we had lunch in a new (to me) restaurant called Red 39 – the number is that of a navigation buoy.  Nice setting right on the river and delicious fish of course.

After a quick stop in the yarn store, lunch, a purchase in Mystic Knotworks, we went to Old Mystic Seaport which was the real objective of the trip that day.  Fascinating.  I just love it. We just ambled around absorbing the atmosphere of that recreated village of yesteryear.  My favorites I think were the big scaled model of the former village and the timeline in the whaling museum building.  (Pictures to show when I get back to Seattle and can sync my camera with my computer – current technology! – the equivalent I suppose of waiting to get a film developed.)

The Museum Store has a large bookshop section – was I in Heaven?  One of my purchases was of course a history cum genealogy book very pertinent to my ongoing reading and research.

…….to be continued


Researching Connecticut Ancestors February 20, 2016

Sperry Light House New Haven Ct This is not the image I’m looking for but at least it’s an image for New Haven.  The image I want is a map of Old Connecticut.  The computer tells me that file cannot be uploaded.  I’ll investigate tomorrow.  I get that message too often!  My tech support looked at the problem briefly a couple of weeks ago but so much else has been going on ……..  And now Tech Support has gone to southern California for a week of cycling – Bicycle Camp!!  Maybe he can think about it as he pedals along.


An Immigrant Ship February 3, 2016

Andrea Doria  An Immigrant Ship

I’m working on my genealogy and trying to identify the ancestors who came to America.  They are among the earliest settlers. So far I have Hannah Mead who was born in England in 1580 and came to America in the 1630’s.  She was an early settler in New Haven Connecticut.  She was my 11th great-grandmother on my father’s side.

Hannah’s husband, my 11th great-grandfather, was John Potter, 1580-


More Unexpected Discoveries In My Genealogy Research January 29, 2016

A grave marker for Elizabeth Tallman Sperry in Broad Street Cemetery in Claremont New Hampshire – a former mill town on the Vermont-New Hampshire border.  Elizabeth Sperry  was my 5X Great Grandmother.  Broad St Cemetery Elizabeth Tallman  Elizabeth was born in 1715 in North Guilford Connecticut and died in 1810 in Claremont New Hampshire.


The Colony Of Connecticut August 3, 2015

I think of my 7X Great Grandfather when  I see the Connectiut Quarter coin.