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Two Of My Favorite Things February 21, 2017

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img_2380 a little bear

img_2382  and a little dog

Just 2 small hand carved wooden animals.  I particularly like the grain of the wood in the little bear.  Simple objects which I have on my desk.  (Part of the clutter to the despair of my sons!)


The Scarf Knitting Continues January 10, 2015

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IMG_5074IMG_5075  Despite, or maybe because of all the flurry of the Christmas season, I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting.  With the help of my cat of course.  These pictures show Scarf Number 9 in production.

IMG_4999  Scarf Number 9 along side Scarf Number 8


IMG_4666  Scarf Number 7                    IMG_5088  Scarves 1-8  These scarves are supposed to be real  stash busters.  IMG_4670  My painting of my stash 2010      I suspect that if I were to spread out my stash today, it would look very similar to my stash 5 years ago.  I just keep buying yarn that I like with no particular purpose in mind.

IMG_5175  Scarf Number 10, a variation        IMG_5176


IMG_5177  Scarf Number 10 doesn’t show up very well on the blue railing



IMG_5180  a better view of Scarf Number 10 against the grey chair     Am I getting ready for craft fair next Christmas?