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Crown Point New York April 21, 2017

Crown Point Essex County New York appears fairly frequently in my Family Tree.  I think of it particularly as the place where my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Murdock was born.  Her parents are buried there, also her great grandparents, and now I find that her great great grandmother died there.  My grandmother’s great great grandmother would be my 3X great grandmother.

Wolcott Cemetery Crown Pt

Catherine Losey, my 4X Great Grandmother, was laid to rest in the Wolcott Cemetery in Crown Point in 1820.  She was born in New Jersey.


Genealogy Route From John Hollister, Builder of the Oldest House in Glastonbury Connecticut, My 9th Great Grandfather December 16, 2016

The oldest house in Glastonbury Connecticut, built by Lt. John Hollister


My 9th Great Grandfather Lt. John Hollister 1612-1665

My 8th Great Grandmother  Mary Hollister 1650-1713

My 7th Great Grandfather  Capt. John Welles 1676-1735

My 6th Great Grandmother  Phebe Welles  1707-1770

My 5th Great Grandmother  Sarah Ufford 1728-1804

My 4th Great Grandfather Stiles Curtiss 1761-1827

My 3rd Great Grandmother Betsey Curtiss Wooton 1791-1877

My 2nd Great Grandfather Henry W. Warner 1815-1859

My Great Grandmother Lucy Anna Warner 1843-1878

My Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Murdoch 1863-1954

My father Joseph Buckingham Miller 1891-1949

Me Janet Willis Miller 1936-


Judge Samuel Murdock January 10, 2016

Judge Samuel Murdock Crown Point  Brick Hill Cemetery, Crown Point New York

Judge Samuel Murdock

3xGreat Grandfather


Genealogy Ideas January 9, 2016

This genealogy research has become a passion.  I’m investigating printing services for parts of my lines of relations.  So far I have found over 1200 ancestors.  The printers advise that pursuing up to 5 or 6 generations is more manageable.  Showing more than that is too much.  I’m thinking I want to start with my paternal grandmother and work backward from there.  She was born in 1863 in Crown Point New York.  The Civil War was raging.  Going back 5 or 6 generations from her takes us to the British Isles where my ancestors were from.

The style I want to use is called the Bow Tie style.

Going back from her I get to Peter Murdock from Limerick Ireland.  I have a fair bit of information on the Limerick years of my ancestors.  I hope I can find it – I printed it more than 5 years ago while we were still living in Ireland.

Peter Murdock  Gravemarker Peter Murdock’s grave marker in Westport Connecticut

It’s only fitting that I use my paternal grandmother (Grandma Miller) as a starting point since most of the genealogical records that we have were originally compiled by her – long before the internet and ancestry.com – in the mid 1920’s.  It is thanks to her that we have 2 genealogical record books (the Blue Books) of the Millers and the Murdocks and also the 2 big wheels tracing ancestors where possible back to the Mayflower pilgrims and beyond.


3X Great Grandmothers July 29, 2015

One of my Great Great Great Grandmothers, Sally Foot, was born in MIddlebury Vermont – where I went to college   I attended 1954-1958.  Sally was  born in 1784, 170 years before I went to Middlebury.  She married a Judge Samuel Murdock from Crown Point New York, only a few miles away as the crow flies.  She had a short life – died in 1815 at age 30 in Crown Point.  She is buried in Bridport Vermont – within cycling distance of Middlebury.

  Sally Foot Murdoch’s grave marker in Pine Hill Cemetery Bridport Vermont