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A Day At The Races March 4, 2018

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Yesterday marked the start of the cycling season – racing that is.  It was a chilly and foggy morning in the valley near Auburn south of Seattle.  Here is son James about to be launched – family members are gathered round.  It was a time trial wth cyclists starting every 30 seconds.  5 miles out, 5 miles return, taking approximately 28 minutes.  Various teams were represented.  James is with the Apex Team – they were well represented in the various categories.

James start time was about 9:20 and the fog had considerably dispersed by then.  That’s me to the left trying to get him at the start.   Grandson Sean is the supporter just to the right and James’ wife Susan is there in green.


Retro Cycling Italian Style March 6, 2017

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IMG_2573  Here is a picture of a book I just finished – Geronimo!  Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy by Tim Moore.  Well it’s meant to be humorous but the author’s choice of language was a bit off putting. Nevertheless, he was quite inventive in finding ways to write about very similar experiences in his cycling adventure.  I might have enjoyed the book more if I knew more about the geography of Italy.


On The Road Again June 21, 2016

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The Seattle Randonneurs are on the road again for Day 4, the final day of their 1200K ride.  Only 125 miles today to finish in Mt. Vernon.  The photos below are from Day 3.  Oh how I wish I were X years younger and able to actively participate in this sport.  Oh well I get lots of vicarious pleasure from following my son and his friends and I don’t get wet and cold.

Dry Falls

Mazama country inn Day 3


Tour de Cascades June 20, 2016

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Here they are – 4 days and nights of cycling.  Is it fun?  Starting and finishing in Mt Vernon – 1200 K.  Right now (Monday 11 am) they are toiling along headed for the final overnight stop in Mazama.

A refreshing stop for ice cream at Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Spectacular scenery!


Retracing the first Paris-Brest-Paris September 20, 2015

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Off The Beaten Path


The first Paris-Brest-Paris was held as a “utilitarian race” in 1891. Organized by the newspaper Le Petit Journal, the big event started with a parade through Paris, before the cyclists raced off toward France’s westernmost city, some 600 km distant.

On our way to the pre-ride bike check of this year’s PBP, Hahn, Theo and I decided to retrace the beginning of the very first Paris-Brest-Paris.


We met in front of Notre Dame. The original PBP did not go here, but Notre Dame is considered the “center of France”, and the first Flèches Vélocio started here. Left to right: Steve T. (who couldn’t join us), Hahn, Jan, Theo.


The original PBP started at the building of Le Petit Journal in the Rue Lafayette. The offices of Le Petit Journal occupied the center of the block (above), but they’ve been replaced by a modern building that attempts in vain…

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On the Scarf Front and More March 10, 2015

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Over the weekend I had a great opportunity for knitting and I finished Scarf Number 26.    IMG_6186


We went on the Edmonds to Kingston ferry and then on to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula.  And it was a gorgeous day for knitting, visiting a friend from our years in Bangladesh, and cycling.


IMG_6131  leaving Edmonds

IMG_6136  rendezvous point for meeting Lyn Muench – close friend from Bangladesh days

IMG_6152  our first vantage point for viewing the cyclists

IMG_6157  another view – cyclists disappearing at speed in the distance

IMG_6156  is James in this group??  hard to tell!

IMG_6147  waiting for the cyclists

IMG_6173  after the race – James and his dad


April 18, 1970 August 28, 2011

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  This is the photo I found this morning – date April 18, 1970.  This little fellow had just turned one.  Add up the numbers and you can figure out how old he is now.  He just returned from France, having ridden the PBP (the Paris-Brest-Paris) premier cyclist endurance challenge.  The ride was 1230 KM – his subgroup in the Seattle Randonneurs did it in 55 hours 45 minutes.  We’re all very proud of you James!  Pleased that you achieved your goal of doing the challenge within 56 hours and thereby becoming a member of the elite Charly Miller group.  It would seem to me to be challenge enough to do the PBP within the 90 hour time limit but oh well there’s nothing like having goals within goals.

  James on the right – practising his cycling skills in Dublin