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Am I A Collector? February 19, 2010

In all this unpacking I am reminded of another collection of objects that I had kind of forgotten.  I keep unpacking coasters and tiles ad infinitum it seems.  Very nice souvenirs of different countries and places and different circumstances through the years.  Colourful bead mats from East Africa, an art tile from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., souvenir drinks mats advertising Guinness, Fiji Bitter mats, etc.

I am also a collector of postcards and I occasionally blog about my deltiology interests.  I haven’t been very systematic with this collection and now I’m reminded of how much sorting and reorganizing I have to do to catalogue these and put them in better order.

I am realizing that the list of things I collect could be rather long.  Here are a few sample pictures.

  from my collection of photos of dogs – 2 Great Danes waiting patiently while their owners are having a drink in the friendly Irish-American bar on Market Street in Ballard

  I also collect pictures of cats – I’ve named this one Fluffy and I often see her as I walk over to my house

  this cat lives 2 doors away

  and this cat lives closer by – I’ve put this picture up to show the length of the shadows at this time of year – the photo was taken today Feb. 18, at about 3 p.m., Seattle time

  another cat photo

   part of my collection of fridge magnets

Now for a few other random photos

  waiting for the flooring

  now I can listen to CD’s as I unpack

   readers of this blog know how much I like the Larry McMurtry books.  Well, his son James is a song writer and singer and he is performing here in Seattle next week.  I found one of his CD’s at the BOP Record Shop in old Ballard.

  a dog waiting outside a shop in old Ballard – another photographer was getting closer

   broom grass along our street in Seattle in February

  yesterday’s panic – I accidentally spilled a can of paint on our garage floor – can this be the first work of art executed in our new art studio?  Happily I was able to prevent the paint from spreading to any of our belongings and also the paint dried very quickly.  The smell was very strong.  Just after it happened I decided it was time to go off for lunch.  When I returned about an hour later the area had dried but the smell was still strong.  I continued unpacking but went upstairs to do so.