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A Cute Puppy May 23, 2018

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IMG_5642  Chips – an 11 week old King Charles – so sweet


I Loved My Dog March 19, 2018

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf025  photo from 1949, approx    Belmont Mass


Dogs and Rugs January 16, 2018

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dogs and rugs  Impromptu choices – not staged



Happy New Year 2018 January 3, 2018

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IMG_5031   Here’s that special lunar moon

IMG_5035  And Rollo the dog eager for her New Year treat at Grumpy D’s coffee shop (our local)

IMG_5043  Katerina spent the day recovering from her New Year revels.


Random Photos August 24, 2017

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h_lightship_right_tall_2016   memories of Nantucket             20935023_1216647795147361_3695357427882892617_o  symbolic of the Pacific Northwest – image for a tapestry?

20992854_10214264136457771_7477828268968732139_n Fizz (the kitten/cat) want’s Caitlin’s attention (Caitlin is my granddaughter)

IMG_4166  lone cosmos

IMG_4169  shadows in my garden

20032054_10155641482023921_7147512390643941557_n  my neighbor’s Corgi Alice



Lunch With The St Bernards August 18, 2017

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There is a pub near us here in Ballard called The Barking Dog.  I went there a few days ago for lunch and I had the good fortune to be greeted by 2 St Barnards.  Massive dogs.  I was delighted.

IMG_4101  Just beautiful – 1 year old – and his name is Ballard      the younger St Bernard is 7 months – still a puppy – but he has a very deep bark

IMG_4105      IMG_4103

I am partial to St Bernards – my first dog was part St Bernard

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf036  my first dog Duchess – part collie, part St Bernard   photos from the 1950’s

2017_07_11_14_07_10.pdf025  I loved that dog

2017_06_15_12_28_54.pdf012  a pair of St Bernards at a Boston Dog Show


2017_08_05_14_56_24.pdf010 vintage postcard


Wood Art July 29, 2017

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Wood Art Pug and Cat

Handsome Duo – PugandCat     Two of my favorite Facebook characters


Two Of My Favorite Things February 21, 2017

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img_2380 a little bear

img_2382  and a little dog

Just 2 small hand carved wooden animals.  I particularly like the grain of the wood in the little bear.  Simple objects which I have on my desk.  (Part of the clutter to the despair of my sons!)


Lunch At The Barking Dog December 1, 2016

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img_1858Lunch was delicious on this chilly winter day.   At our neighborhood ale house the Barking Dog, Ballard, Seattle, Washington




Thanksgiving Eve November 24, 2016

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Lunch at the neighborhood ale house – The Barking Dog

img_1785           img_1784  And a friendly quiet dog was waiting outside