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Memories Of Long Ago November 14, 2017

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23472895_10155929603183383_4413856134354096629_n  This is a photo of Heuston Station in Dublin Ireland.  It was posted on Facebook this morning by my recorder teacher Laoise O’Brien.  Heuston Station is the train terminus for North-South travel.  A beautiful building

When my husband Ian and I first lived in Dublin in 1968, he used to travel by train down to Cork quite regularly.  Hence, memories of Heuston Station.


Harbor Bar Cat January 7, 2017

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cat-at-harbor-bar  Nothing like a catnap before the action at a bar near Dublin Ireland


Party Time December 9, 2016

birthday-baby  1936

80th-birthday   2016

birthday-80   December 7, 2016


That lanyard around my neck isn’t for a panic button!  It’s for my mailbox key!

The sweater I’m wearing is one of my hand knits.  The blue wool yarn was purchased in the Aran Islands Ireland.  I knit the sweater from the top down following an idea in a knitting book published in Norway in 1975.  That was one of the first knitting books I ever purchased.  How I found it I do not know but somehow I did when we first moved to Dublin  in the late 1960’s.


                         IMG  Here am I age 11 with my father’s mother (Grandma Miller) when she was 85.  How will I look at that age – assuming I get there.



Shopping In The 1970’s June 2, 2016

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H. Williams


Gorse Fire May 5, 2016

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gorse fire  Dramatic and alarming gorse fire in Dublin Ireland – not far from where I used to live


Irish Ancestors January 28, 2016

Shamrock Symbol         Irish Immigrant

My Irish credentials – I lived in Dublin for the first 44 years of my married life,

I am married to a man born and bred in Belfast Northern Ireland

Some of my ancestors came from Ireland – to name one, Alexander Trimble who emigrated from County Donegal at the age of 22 on May 20 1849 – at the height of the Irish Famine.  Alexander Trimble was my 4X Great Grandfather



A Dublin Church April 12, 2015

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Zion Parish Church , Rathgar, Dublin Ireland           Zion Parish Church      Isn’t this a beautiful building.  But I never entered it even though I lived a stone throw’s away.  That was many years ago and life was young.  It was 1968-1969, we were new to Dublin.  Our first apartment was on the upper floor of 15 Zion Road.  I can’t find my photo of that house, 15 Zion Road, but I have found a lot of other photos to twig my memory.  I’ll share them with you here and explain their significance in future blogs.

St. Brigid's cross