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The Day We Looked After The Chickens August 10, 2016

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A few days ago I accompanied my dil Susan and gd Caitlin on their mission to feed a neighbor’s chickens.  Back yard chicken farming is not unusual in this part of Ballard.

IMG_0849              IMG_0832



and there were rabbits also    IMG_0896

Nearer to home, in fact immediately next door, we see and hear chickens, a rooster, ducks

and a rabbit.


My Lucky Day July 12, 2016

Is this my lucky day?  The Northern Flicker has been to visit several times.  Also the Steller’s Jay.   And a hummingbird!

220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia  Northern Flicker

Better pictures of the lourie taken with the Nikon camera and remote control device.  Steller’s Jay         Steller%27s_Jay_b57-3-076_l_1


annas_hummingbird_sim_1  Hummingbird


Ducks and Piglets December 14, 2009

This morning I had an unexpected walk beside a stream.  My Irish conversation group (Cupla Focla) was unable to meet because painting was being done upstairs in the library.  So I ambled home instead and was very surprised to see ducks in the stream near the rear of the old shopping centre in Dundrum.

  Ducks in the stream

  away they swam

Then I went up to Airfield to check on the piglets.  They have really grown a lot and are scurrying about in their pen.  They get worn out and then they all huddle together and have a sleep.

Other photos taken at this time of year

        Morning sun, 9:30 a.m. at Kilternan Market

  rusty gate, abandoned, along the Upper Kilmacud Road

  sky over Ashford, December afternoon

  early morning from our upstairs window

Christmas trees for sale at Airfield    

  a stone wall along my route, the Upper Kilmacud Road

Dundrum Main Street, late afternoon       

  my knitting stash – latest photo – note the stash is getting smaller