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Edward Breck 1595-1662 Early Ancestor August 4, 2015

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1638 Edward Breck, land purchase from William Hill

Great Migration Begins “William Hill”

On 20 July 1638 “Mr. Hill merchant of Dorchester” sold to Edward Breck of Dorchester his homelot at the neck (four acres), a hill valued at nine acres (which he had received in place of an earlier grant of twelve acres), eleven acres of meadow (six acres which was granted to him and five acres which was granted to Thomas Marshfield), one acre at the end of Mr. Withington’s lot (with the house on it and five acres of stinted commons), eight acres and ten goads in the Cow Pasture (and so on to every five hundred acres), together with common and privileges in land beyond Naponset (eight acres ten goads to every division) and “also his part of the land lately granted by the court unto the said town according to the same proportion” [DTR 34]. William Hill had also earlier sold to William Clark a small lot at the Great Neck and seven acres at Squantum Neck [DTR 37, 43].