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Researching Connecticut Ancestors February 20, 2016

Sperry Light House New Haven Ct This is not the image I’m looking for but at least it’s an image for New Haven.  The image I want is a map of Old Connecticut.  The computer tells me that file cannot be uploaded.  I’ll investigate tomorrow.  I get that message too often!  My tech support looked at the problem briefly a couple of weeks ago but so much else has been going on ……..  And now Tech Support has gone to southern California for a week of cycling – Bicycle Camp!!  Maybe he can think about it as he pedals along.


More Unexpected Discoveries In My Genealogy Research January 29, 2016

A grave marker for Elizabeth Tallman Sperry in Broad Street Cemetery in Claremont New Hampshire – a former mill town on the Vermont-New Hampshire border.  Elizabeth Sperry  was my 5X Great Grandmother.  Broad St Cemetery Elizabeth Tallman  Elizabeth was born in 1715 in North Guilford Connecticut and died in 1810 in Claremont New Hampshire.