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I Could Write A Book…….. March 28, 2017

Beachmere Inn   1930’s postcard from Ogunquit Maine

I could write a long book about the memories stirring in me as I view this postcard from Ogunquit Maine.


Shona La Fheile Padraig March 17, 2017

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IMG_2632 Happy St Patrick’s Day to all.


Party Time December 9, 2016

birthday-baby  1936

80th-birthday   2016

birthday-80   December 7, 2016


That lanyard around my neck isn’t for a panic button!  It’s for my mailbox key!

The sweater I’m wearing is one of my hand knits.  The blue wool yarn was purchased in the Aran Islands Ireland.  I knit the sweater from the top down following an idea in a knitting book published in Norway in 1975.  That was one of the first knitting books I ever purchased.  How I found it I do not know but somehow I did when we first moved to Dublin  in the late 1960’s.


                         IMG  Here am I age 11 with my father’s mother (Grandma Miller) when she was 85.  How will I look at that age – assuming I get there.



Late In The Season On The Connecticut River November 1, 2016

setting out from Essex and taking the boat up to Portland to be stored for the winter

img_1551Andrew and David are on the lookout for the navigational buoys and any stray obstructions in the water


leaving the Essex Marina – it was a nice day but COLD.

img_1559going under one bridge and beside another – the swinging railway bridge – quite a landmark (or rivermark) – at Middletown

img_1560arrival at Portland – Andrew getting ready to help in the docking process


At The Lake July 29, 2016

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Ruth at lake photo   My sister Ruth enjoying a summer evening at a lake in New Hampshire


Thinking Of My Father July 16, 2016

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Today would have been my father’s 111th birthday.  Sadly he died at age 57 in 1949.  He is fondly remembered almost every day by my sisters and me.

  My father pictured with his mother in Florida in 1943


Visiting The Sisters July 5, 2016

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Reading from left to right – My husband Ian, me, my sister Nan, and my college friend Ginny       after a pleasant lunch at Carlito’s in Woodbury Connecticut


My sister Ruth and Ella my granddaughter in Milford New Hampshire