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A Mysterious Uniform (at least to me) May 13, 2015

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Can any Seattle people shed some light on this?

The Family Kalamazoo

Remember the Culver family: my great-great grandfather’s sister, Jenny DeKorn Culver, and her daughters, Lela and Rhea, who moved from Kalamazoo to Seattle 100 years ago.

In the scrapbook which I received from a blog reader I found this photograph. Any ideas on the type of uniform? Since this would have been around the time of the end of WWI, does the uniform have to do with the war?

I don’t know who the man is. Most of the Culver photos are of women.

But the clues would leave me to believe the photo was taken in Seattle in or around 1918. But did Seattle have old elegant buildings like this at that time?

Culver scrapbook

What about the building? My first inclination was a church, but I don’t see any crosses. Are those rosettes for ornamentation?

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