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Mayhem In The Garden October 23, 2017

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IMG_4565  Prior to burial

IMG_4566  Poor wee mouse


Carnage In The Garden Again September 29, 2017

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Look What Katerina Brought Me December 19, 2016

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img_1966 Poor little mouse  Katerina is our cat-occasionally she succeeds in her hunting


This is Katerina at rest


Cat And Mouse August 16, 2016

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I have spent almost the entire morning watching our cat stalking a little field mouse.  I am not sure of the outcome.  Occasionally the mouse seemed to get away but the cat would go tearing down the stairs after it and later reappear with the poor little mouse in its mouth.  The cat would let go and the little mouse would “hide” again behind the waterng can or one of the pots.  The “game” would begin again.

IMG_0975      eyes on her prey




Unwelcome Visitor July 8, 2016

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IMG_0544  Dealt with by the cat – I gave this critter a decent burial

This one was so big I wondered if it was a rat.  Ugh.


Traffic Stopper June 21, 2016

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Coming home today on 65th, a major road near Ballard High School, traffic came to a standstill to let what looked like a family of baby racoons scamper across the road.

baby racoon  I wonder

Then I came on home and was told there was an alien creature outside our bedroom window.

Poor wee mousieIMG_0419

When the cat returned she wondered where her lunch had disappeared to.

So she decided to chase a butterfly.



Does The Cat Catch The Mouse? November 11, 2015

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squirrel and mouse 024  The little mouse with the long tail is nibbling away by the corner of the white table.  A squirrel is in the foreground.  The cat is out of sight to the left.  The neighborhood squirrels and field mice are getting quite chubby.   Answer:  Not this time


injured bird 005  this is a very chubby little bird which has appeared on our deck – he doesn’t move very fast on the ground but he can fly.  I suspect he is missing a few tail feathers – quite probably from an encounter with the cat.