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Gardening For Bio-Diversity March 27, 2017

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Poppies MonetGardening for Bio-Diversity Love this image from Rubalcava Horticultural Services in County Wicklow Ireland.  It reminds me also of a field of wildflowers at Airfield, an urban farm near my former home in Dublin.  Or Monet’s famous painting of a field of Poppies.


Start Your Day……. March 24, 2017

17342655_774545312711136_7201039594426454023_n  Start your day with this beautiful photo of Spring in Ireland – a contrast of green and yellow – thanks to Sarah Rubalcava of Rubalcava Horticultural Services.

Sarah’s mom (and my friend) Magda Rubalcava is an award winning internationally renown tapestry weaver – wouldn’t this make a spectacular tapestry?


Miscellany April 30, 2016

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IMG_0182  Spring flowering tree

IMG_0169  We mrt a friendly cat after my husband had his hair cut

IMG_0171  She was a sweetie

13087765_751017114998642_7825598059881889364_n  but this cat looks menacing – it’s all in the coloring

mt-pleasant_pc_500_72  a grand old New England hotel of a bygone era



The Scottish Thistle September 7, 2015

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Scottish Thistle     The Scottish Thistle was instrumental in alerting the Scots that the barefoot Vikings were preparing to attack.  What is the ancient Norsk word for ouch?  AU?


When Things Go Wrong May 15, 2011

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I have spent a rather frustrating day, off and on, trying to get the scanner to work properly and transfer some simple images to the computer – work that the scanner usually does quite easily but today I just couldn’t seem to hit the right buttons.  But now, at last, it seems to be working and I have scanned a couple of not very old photos.

  According to the date stamped on the back of this photo, it was taken on May 12, 2000.  That date might be approximate but I know for sure that it was taken in the gardens at Airfield in Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland.   Note all the pretty bluebells (if that is the right term).  Well here we are in midMay 2011 in Seattle and everywhere I look there are bluebells like these.  It’s such a pretty flower – and profuse.

My other test photo for scanning doesn’t  have a date stamped on the back of it but I know it was taken at Airfield also.

  would this field of daisies been later in the year?  One of my favourite flowers.

I miss Dublin but Seattle is wonderful and the month of May is great for so many colourful flowers coming into bloom.  The azaelias are especially spectacular.

  these were actually orange blossoms, the photo was taken last night around 5:30 p.m.  I was on my way up to the Greenwood Art Walk, and particularly The Fiber Gallery, a local yarn store, where a fibre artist friend was exhibiting her work.

  my mode of transport – my bike.  That hill in the direction toward which by bicycle is pointing is steep.  Needless to say, I walk the bike when I am going up to Greenwood.  My destination was  The Fiber Gallery.  (For readers in the wider knitting world, The Fiber Gallery is where Franklin gave one of his workshops when he visited Seattle a few months ago.  I didn’t know at that time how close The Fiber Gallery was to where I live.)

  Ann Maki and her lovely knitted tapestries.  The photo doesn’t do justice to the work but you can get a hint of what it was like.  This is her website.  at the Finnhill Fiber Art Studios.  For my Irish textile friends, think of Gerda Teljeur years ago although here weren’t exactly knitted.   Three dimensional textile art.  I think the 595 Group would like Ann’s work.

Back to the more mundane, I miss the discipline of going to Kilternan Market each Saturday morning in Dublin and the rhythm of the seasons according to the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that were brought to the Market each week, or not as the case might be.  So instead of the Market today, what did we do?  We went out and bought a car – more on that anon.