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Interested In Maine History? July 4, 2017

IMG_3646  Here’s the book for all history enthusiasts.  In a book store in Mystic Connecticut, I found this book about the history of Maine – titled The Lobster Coast, Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier, by Colin Woodard.  As one would expect, there’s quite a bit of detail about fish and the fishing industry, particularly  lobsters.  But there is also a lot to make one think about the rights of Native Americans and the rights and relationships between the original settlers and the subsequent waves of  “newcomers”, right up to the present day transformations of land use and the questions of distribution of wealth.

In my genealogy research I have been able to trace most of my ancestors back many generations.  At present I am trying to concentrate/focus on the immigration experiences of these branches in my family tree.  These would be the 6th-9th great grandparents.  About 90% of these forebears came to New England.  I have one case of an abrupt end of the trail with my 3rd great grandparents Joseph Reed and Sarah Maddox.  They were each born in Maine in the late 1700’s.  Joseph died in Maine in 1850.  Their daughter Abigail was my great great grandmother.  She was born in Gloucester in 1804.  But I do not have any information re Joseph and Sarah’s forebears, my 4th great grandparents etc.  Did they come to Maine as immigrants?  What happened to them in this remote and harsh part of the American frontier.  Did they perish in an encounter with one of the many tribes of Native Americans who raided the settlers villages and isolated dwellings.   I wonder.


Gathering Information On The 192 Immigrants July 20, 2016

Gathering information on each of my immigrant ancestors


Joanna Ackley – she was my 8th Great Grandmother

born in Shropshire England in 1620

emigrated to New England

married Phillip Leek in 1646 in New Haven Connecticut

had 5 or 6 children

died in New Haven  Connecticut in June 1676 age 56


Joanna Ackley



Capt Sir Phillip Leek – he was my 8th Great Grandfather

born in Kent England in 1612

emigrated to New Haven Connecticut in  1638

had a tavern in New Haven

married Joanna Ackley in 1646 in New Haven Connecticut

fathered  5 or 6 children

fought in the French and Indian War ?

died in New Haven Connecticut in May 1676





Hereditary Order July 4, 2016

Hereditary Descendants Governors

a list I found on Ancestry.com

As I travelled in southern Connecticut this past week we passed near many town centers = and cemeteries – I wondered if I was treading the ground of some of my ancestors.  Will I ever have the chance to wander through some of these cemeteries or will we always be en route to do something more pressing in the present – e.g. visiting family while we and  they are still alive!


Weaving Through My Genealogy February 23, 2016

What a maze.  I’m trying to document in particular the ancestors who came to America.  Born in England and came to New England – Boston, Connecticut – in the 1600’s.  There is a lot of information there – lots of documentation, lots of cemeteries!  Trying to get my head around it all is a bit mind-boggling to say the least.  I sometimes feel as if I am reinventing the wheel.

All Sail Set  This illustration reflects a time in the 1800’s but the spirit of adventure is the same as that of 200 years prior.  And the Sperry family was among my ancestors who came to New Haven Connecticut in the 1600’s.


The French And Indian War Again January 28, 2016

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I have found another ancestor who served in the French and Indian War, 1755-1762.  [See previous post re Benjamin Warner]  This is a step into what now feels like almost the immediate past.  When I was growing up I had a small piece of wood in one of my bureau drawers.  I think this was given to me by my father.  It was supposed to be a memento from the French and Indian War, which was fought about 200 years prior to my early history studies in the 1940’s.  I wonder whatever happened to that little piece of wood.  No name was attached to this little piece of wood – just that it was from that war.

I now have a name of another ancestor who served in that war – Alexander Trimble I, 1726-1785, my 4X Great Grandfather. He was a veteran also of the Revolutionary War He is buried in Crown Point New York on what was the Chilton Trimble Farm.

Alexander Trimble I in 2 Wars



Soldier In The French And Indian War January 12, 2016

Benjamin Warner II  Icon for Benjamin Warner I who served in the French and Indian War, 1754-63, and the Revolutionary War, 1776-83.

Benjamin Warner I , 1730-1800, was my paternal 4X Great Grandfather

His son, Benjamin Warner II, served in the Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Warner I is buried in Hamden Plains Cemetery, Connecticut

Hamden Plains Cemetery

Hamden Plains Cemetery 2

French_and_indian_war_map French and Indian War Map, from Wikipedia

Benjamin Warner II is buried in Crown Point New York.