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How We Met March 27, 2017

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A few years ago, 18 to be more precise, I wrote a memoir which I called 8 Countries, 62 years.  Now at age 80 I plan to write the sequel and fill in a few gaps.  Yesterday at church coffee hour I was asked the conversation starter question – how did you meet the man you married – or words to that effect.

It’s a long story – or a very short story.

Step 1 – we met in Kenya in August 1966.


IMG  Ian at the Nairobi Show, September 1966


Shona La Fheile Padraig March 17, 2017

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IMG_2632 Happy St Patrick’s Day to all.


Bicycling and Friendship March 8, 2017

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Woman Cyclist  Don’t you love this image?  I found it on a friend’s Facebook page.  I consider her a good friend even though we have yet to meet in person.  We’ve known each other for years.  We first met when I was living in Ireland.  Now we live much closer but still haven’t managed to get together – only a few miles separate us.  Maybe I should pump up the tires on my bicycle and suggest we meet at a halfway point.


A Sad Gathering Of Friends September 9, 2016

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taney-clergy  Clergy at Taney Church Dundrum Dublin Ireland

Present and former clergy members were gathered for the funeral of a long serving member, colleague and friend, Audrey Harrison.

Taney was my church for many years while we lived in Dublin.


My Shetland Neighbor March 9, 2016

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How I wish we had got to know our neighbors better – a  young couple who purchased the new house next to our new and first house in Dublin.  They were from Scotland.  The young husband was a chemist and worked for Guinness.  His wife Jean was a nursery school teacher.  They were expecting their first child.  Jean and I got together occasionally for friendly chats.  What I wish we had chatted about more was KNITTING.  In my eyes she was a master.  I was interested but not as interested as I am now 50 years later.  SHETLAND – a magic word for knitters and knitting history.

A number of years later I met another knitter from Shetland and she brought me up to date on Jean and her husband George and their son wee Gordon – and a subsequent daughter.  The family was living near Inverness.  I wish I had tried harder to get in touch when I had this more current information – but that more current information is now 20 years old.  Alas.

  Me years ago when life was young .  I knit the sweater myself.   Jean was a natural but I’m quite sure I followed a pattern.  Two sons and I are framed in the doorway of our courtyard – where Jean and I would sit and chat.


My Friend’s Cats December 29, 2015

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My friend Freyalyn has 2 handsome cats.freyalyn's cats


Friends Of Our Cat December 22, 2015

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solstice 016

Katerina sends Christmas Greetings to all.  MEOW


Phone Call September 12, 2015

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As the years go by, it’s fun to compare notes (ailments) with people you have known for many years.  Catch up on what’s happening in their lives, what their children are doing, where their travels have taken them – if they are still able to travel!  People we have grown up with – the bonds can grow stronger as we share more memories.  Such was the nature of an unexpected phone call which I received this morning from a friend I have known for almost 70 years.  Our paths have crisscrossed over the years – ever since 5th grade.  I knew her family, she knew mine.  What a treasure trove of information to catch up with.  We talked for a long time – possibly more than she wanted to as she was trying to get up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for a 2016 reunion of our high school class 1954.

Now I’m trying to collect some pictures to add to the information for that directory.

lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized   Janet 1980?    IMG_6378  Janet on a crazy hair day 2014

IMG_6264  Janet  2014    A bit macabre   Janet   2000?

 Janet’s Father and Janet’s Grandmother 1943


I Do Other Things in addition to knitting scarves but … January 14, 2015

You might think that all I do is sit around knitting scarves but quite the contrary.  Actually I’ve joined Facebook and that is a big time consumer.  It is easier to interact with readers through Facebook and also to expand one’s circle of friends, both new and old.  Still, blogging is useful in a different way.         That said, here is Scarf Number 11      IMG_5209   After I finished this scarf I found a small sample I made in a knitting workshop – note that I used similar colors.  I can also think of a rug I wove many years ago and I used a similar combination of colors.  That rug was chosen as a present to the owners of a “magic cottage” down in the west of Ireland.  My sisters and I had a marvelous visit to the cottage in 1995.

p.s. In my ongoing reorganization and tidy up of our belongings and the house, I just came a tapestry I wove when we were in Kenya for the second time (1989-1994)        IMG_5223              IMG_5226     familiar colors?






Sharing Memories December 18, 2014

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IMG_4749 five friends met up at their 50th reunion from Middlebury College, Class of 1958   (photo courtesy of Al Hawthorne?)